Tt eSports Ventus X Gaming Mouse Review - Ventus X

Tt eSports Ventus X Gaming Mouse Review

Price / Where to Buy:

US – Approx.:  $49.99 – Ventus X on Amazon

We’ve got a couple of gaming mice here from Tt eSports and we’re really happy to once again be checking out some of the newer products from the company after a while since our last review of their gaming mouse. Time’s passed and a lot of tech has come up in the peripheral scene and curiously we’ll be checking out two distinct examples of how these new tech are being applied now. For this review we’ll take a look at a more classic product, the Tt eSports Ventus X gaming mouse.


The Ventus X sports a classic design from Tt eSports: an ergonomic gaming mouse with a unique solution to keep your hands cool which we’ll see more of in this review so read on and let’s check out the Ventus X gaming mouse from Tt eSports.


  • Aerodynamic ENGINEERED AIR-through ventilation: Enhance your gaming comfort with built-in ventilation to reduce heat exchange
  • Powerful Software Control: With the Ventus custom mouse software, adjust multiple setting for a one-of-a-kind gaming experience and look
  • Full Customization: With 6 programmable buttons, 5 individual profiles, adjustable weight system, selectable polling rates and more with easy to use software control interface
  • Tactile Response: Gain lightning quick response times with OMRON gaming switches for the ultimate in reliability and control
  • On-The-Fly DPI: In the heat of the battle, adjustable DPI buttons positioned perfectly for unbeatable access while in game
  • The Perfect Fit: Coated in smooth matte plastic with rubberized hexagonal patterned grips, prepared for even the most intense gaming battles
  • Warranty: 2 Years


DPI 5700 DPI
Sensor Type LASER
No. of Buttons 6
No. of Macro Keys 30
No. of Game Profiles 5
USB cable length 1.8M
Weight-In Design 4.5G*3 weights (REMOVABLE)
Graphical UI New Tt eSPORTS GUI
Gold-Plated USB YES
Dimension 128.8 x 71 x 42.6 mm
LIGHTING EFFECT Pulse and Game Mode


The Ventus X is packaged in a black, full-colored box with a glamor shot of the mouse in the front of the box. The back highlights some details and features of the Ventus X. Turning the front flap, we can see the Ventus X gaming mouse and a more detailed look at its feature description on the flap.

Tt eSports Ventus X Gaming Mouse Review

Tt eSports goes the extra mile in their bundling with the Ventus X with the packaging including (aside from the mouse) documentations, Tt eSports Dragon stickers and travel pouch for your Ventus X.

Closer Look – Ventus X

The original Ventus from Tt eSports rocked an ambidextrous design, the Ventus X however was design in favor of an ergonomic design but many of the cues from the original design remains: the most distinct of which is the honey-comb pattern on the top shell of the mouse. This pattern is intended let air pass through for improved cooling keeping your hands dry for maximum grip. Checking out the undercarriage we have large teflon feet to let the mouse glide around your surface with the laser sensor in the center of the body. There’s a small notch here that when you open up lets you access the following…



… these three weight studs. You can remove one, two or all of them and see which one works best for you. I like my mouse as light as possible so I will tend to remove all of these. In your case, you can tweak it to your preference.

Tt eSports Ventus X Gaming Mouse Review

Complementing the quality feel of the sandblasted texture of the Ventus X, Tt eSports also outfits the mouse with 1.8m of sleeved cabling capped off by a gold-plated USB plug. A strap attached along the cable keeps it organized during travel or if you have a short distance from the nearest USB port.

The Ventus X’s design is more classic, with defined curves that make it uniform to a person’s grip. The sides are lined with textured, rubber pads for improved grip also. Extra side-buttons are present just in case you need them.


When connected, the Tt eSports Ventus X has cool red illumination for its Dragon logo just beneath the cooling grill with the mouse wheel also illuminated. A DPI switch is on top for quick toggling of sensitivity on the fly. We’d wish the button a bit more rounded on the as its easy to bump onto, although non performance-affecting, is just a bit of a comfort concern for us when sweeping over the button.


The Ventus X uses the Tt eSports Gaming Program (free to download here) as its configuration tool. This software provides an interface where you can customize your Ventus X gaming mouse allowing you to tailor keys and program macros to your needs. You can set up to 5-profiles via the software which you can use for defined game or usage scenario.

The Tt eSports Gaming Program has controls for lighting and performance options where you can toggle on or off the Ventus X’s LEDs or in the case of the performance tab, change the DPI setting to a higher or lower sensitivity and polling rate.

User Experience & Conclusion

Tt eSports Ventus X Gaming Mouse Review

The Ventus X is one solid gaming mouse. Tt eSports has really exerted some efforts into this mouse despite its mainstream pricing. You can feel the quality when you hold and there’s really not much you can complain about the sharpness and details of the mouse. Aptly named Ventus, the venting holes do help in cooling your hands in longer sessions but once sweat does set in, be sure to get wiping as those grooves are gonna be hard to clean. Overall, the build quality is good and feels very comfortable to hold.

While some may complain the sensor is a bit of a downgrade from the 8200DPI capable ones, we’ve always defended these decisions by saying nobody even uses those sensitivities in gaming. We know we can be wrong but the percentile would be so small, I’ve personally stuck with a 1800DPI / 500hz mice setup for my personal setup for years now. We’d like to know this mice works best on hard mats. The Ventus X also tend to scrape a bit during initial use but once the its feet have been worked a bit, it does go away. But again, we like to note we used a control surface hard mat so the experience might differ on your surface of choice. The Ventus X works well with both speed and control surfaces.

Ultimately we come down to price and at around $49 right now, there’s really nothing we can ask for. Given the Ventus X already boasts a laser sensor, that alone puts it in a very distinct league and with its unique styling and decent accessory bundle, we’re really seeing the value advantage here. There’s very tough competition in this price range, but that’s mostly some entry level lasers and a lot of optical mice which gives the Tt eSports Ventus X gaming mice a bit of an advantage due to its pricing and quality combination.

If you’re looking for a gaming mice, particularly one that isn’t matte coated and has the extra bonus of being a little cooler, literally and (for some of us) visually, then the Tt eSports Ventus X is a great option with a competitive price.

Price / Where to Buy:

US – Approx.:  $49.99 – Ventus X on Amazon

Tt eSports backs the Ventus X gaming mouse with a 2-year warranty. We give it our B2G Value Award!