Tt eSports Level 10 M Advance Gaming Mouse Review
Tt eSports Level 10 M Advance Gaming Mouse Review

Tt eSports Level 10M Advanced Gaming Mouse Review

Price / Where to Buy:

US – Approx. US$69.99 – Tt eSports Level 10M Advanced

Tt eSports’ has been very reserved in what it designates as its flagship gaming mouse but there’s no denying it drums up the Level 10 line more than anything else. This signature line of products are a collaboration effort between Thermaltake and BMW DesignWorksUSA to create one of the most visually stunning products ever. For the Tt eSports brand, there has been numerous Level 10 products like the original Level 10M gaming mouse, the Level 10M wireless gaming mouse or the Level 10M gaming headset and all of which have garnered significantly polarizing opinion about their looks. Albeit the Level 10M has been a somewhat disturbing design in my opinion due to its shape than looks, its initial outings were really not performance-oriented and thus relegated the line to casual gamers or gear collectors looking for a flashy product.


Tt eSports has been relatively quiet on the Level 10 front until now with the announcement of the new Level 10M Advanced gaming mouse. Featuring the classic Level 10M design but subtle improvements to improve performance, handling and weight, the new Level 10M Advanced takes the series to a new direction giving it a breath of life as it heads towards a more competitive approach in its design.


  • Re-designed the BMW collaboration gaming mouse with improved ergonomic grip and additional base plate.
  • High quality Omron switches gives crisp and responsive click to enhance gaming experience
  • 3 zones RGB illumination to light up your gaming station and mood
  • Advanced 256k build in memory to save up to 5 individual profiles, DPI adjustments, and lighting configurations.
  • High performance laser sensor up to 16000 DPI offers superior tracking across different types of gaming mouse pads

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Closer Look

True to the new design styling of Tt eSports, the new Level 10M Advanced is packed with the company’s box style featuring a red trim and on a black, full-colored printed box. A flip-out label allows a view of the mouse inside. Inside the package are documentation and the adjustment screw for the axis system.

From the top there’s not much that has changed from the original Level 10M but the new Level 10M Advanced features a more sleeker top shell and lighter materials all over. Tt eSports has also removed the metal base to make the Level 10M Advanced a more lighter mouse. The Level 10M Advanced is still sturdy and feels really solid, build-wise and the new material feels excellent in the hand without the need for matte coating.

In terms of overall physical appearance, not much has changed from the original design of the Level 10M. The Level 10M Advanced features a stacked top-shell on an adjustable axis system which allows you to adjust the height and swing of the mouse. The older design allows adjustment for both x- and y- axis but the new Level 10M Advanced now only includes a single adjustment point for the height of the top shell. The Level 10M’s basic design is unique in looks but it still maintains the basic shape of a mouse for a comfortable grip. It does extend some basic points like the extended cable guide at the front, a layered plate on the sides which exposes a hollow rear end and grooves to rest your fingers on the side. The thumb grip also features circular buttons instead of flat ones found on most standard mice plus a joystick, all of which can be customized to function as the user pleases.

Tt eSports states that the Level 10M Advanced features a matte surface but its predominantly a dark gunmetal finish but still holds up well even with sweaty hands. The ventilation grill is retained as one of the most iconic visual features of this mouse and serves to not only accentuate it but also give some cooling benefit.

Included in the package is an adjustment tool which allows you to loosen or tighten the screw on the top shell which raises the rear end for a better grip.

Tt eSports Command Center

The Tt eSports Command Center is the software configuration of Tt eSports. I still don’t like how unpolished their software is nor the UI’s amateur feel but it gets the job done. The software allows the configuration of the Level 10M Advanced including lighting option, performance settings and preset profiles. You can also assign custom functions to the buttons in the mouse as well as record macros.

User Experience & Conclusion

Tt eSports Level 10M Advance Gaming Mouse Review
Tt eSports Level 10 M Advanced Gaming Mouse Review

Going over performance, we take the Level 10M Advanced thru our gauntlet of games but first off we really have to stress that this mouse is really picky on which surface it plays well. Black, smooth surfaces don’t really play well as our hard mat and soft pads make the mouse lag. We opted to use it on our bare birch desk and it was smooth sailing from there. No idea if the Avago sensor is flaking on this sample but given its smoother operation on some surfaces, its obviously working fine so be warned.

With that out of the way, we can say that the Level 10M Advanced distances itself from its predecessor by offering a lighter, body that allows it to be used in more gaming situations than its metal-build brothers. This means, twitch gamers can flick it faster to keep up with their reaction rate and with the high-sensitivity sensor to compliment this. Users can fine-tune the settings and dip polling rate or increase DPI for their specific needs but out of the box, the DPI toggle allows optimal settings so no need to configure the mouse other than for the lighting.

Tt eSports also builds the Level 10M Advanced with performance in mind with new Omron switches and an Avago sensor for utmost quality and performance. These are welcome additions and we’ve seen them on the majority of mice we’ve taken a look at so we’re liking this approach by Tt eSports into integrating more respected components in their mice.

RGB lighting is a big buzzword right now and the Level 10M Advanced is proud to brag about it but as with the original ones, its limited lit areas don’t offer much in terms of visual presence so color is more of an accent piece rather than a full-blown centerpiece. That remains the job of the original Level 10 body design.

Tt eSports Level 10M Advance Gaming Mouse Review
Tt eSports Level 10 M Advanced Gaming Mouse Review

Due to the light design, comfort has significantly improved and the slight reduction in size means this mouse now fits easier on most hands. Together with the lighter weight, its definitely something that you need to experience to really appreciate. Coming off the original Level 10M, the Advanced version is simply lighter as a feather than the original. Overall build quality is excellent and Tt eSports has simply outdone themselves despite the lack of sturdier metal in the build.

Price / Where to Buy:

US – Approx. US$69.99 – Tt eSports Level 10 M Advanced

The Tt eSports Level 10M Advanced is a big departure from the aesthetics-oriented offerings from the past and balances looks and performance but retains the signature look and feel of the original whilst being primed for more competitive scenarios.

Tt eSports backs the Level 10M Advanced with 2-years warranty. We give it our B2G Editor’s Choice Award!