PLDT Home Fibr Review: Could be More Speed for the Price - home fibr

PLDT Home Fibr Review: Could be More Speed for the Price

Since its announcement, PLDT’s first consumer-grade high-bandwidth fibre service Home Fibr has been met with good reception due to its price proposition. At the most basic non-capped subscription, PLDT Home Fibre costs only Php2899 monthly with landline included. This is a 50Mbps plan which is ideal for high-speed internet within an economical office setting. In comparison, PLDT’s older Home DSL plans of the same price separates the cost of the landline and has only been recently upgraded to provide higher bandwidth. Regardless, only up until now the relatively priced HomeDSL package is only capable of up to 10Mbps (now around 15Mbps). That said, 50Mbps is still a far cry from those DSL subscriptions which has really pushed those who are heavily dependent on high-speed internet connection.


PLDT Home Fibr Review: Could be More Speed for the Price - home fibr
PLDT Home Fibr Plans as of January 2017

Right now there are three basic packages for PLDT Home Fibr and all of which come in 50mbps speeds. The differences are:

  • ***NEW**** FIBR PLAN 1699 – new entry-level plan with 5Mbps speed. Has a Php3,300 Modem and Installation fee which can be paid in installment basis of Php119 for 36 months
    P3,300 or P119/month for 36 months
  • FIBR PLAN 1899 – 20mbps mainstream plan for PLDT Home Fibr
  • LITE PLAN 1899 – 50mbps IMPORTANT80GB cap monthly.  Once you reach 80GB of downloaded data, you need to buy booster packages to give you more data. Monthly fee is Php1899. You cannot browse when you reach your limit.
  • Power Plus Plan 2899 – 50mbps, this is the secondary package for PLDT Home Fibr and includes both the internet connection and phone. THIS PACKAGE HAS NO CAPPING.
  • Power Plus Plan 3500 – 50mbps, this is a home entertainment bundle and includes Cignal subscription on top of the basic package. THIS PACKAGE HAS NO CAPPING.

All plans have access to iFlix and Fox Networks Group (which we’ll talk about later.)

PLDT is currently running a promo until July 31, 2016 to give new subscribers twice the speed (100Mbps) but they will be locked in for 30-months.

Performance and Consistency


My service was installed June 25, 2016 and it has been almost a month and so far service has been consistent. The promo for 100mbps speedboost is effective and always guarantees a decent connection to almost any server in the world. As you can see it is a huge jump from my previous internet service which is a mix of Smart Canopy (now Home Bro) which has 2Mbps download tops and a Smart LTE connection which averages around 10-16Mbps in my area but is highly unreliable.


I’ve included a screenshot of my recent daily download and as you can see I have some days where I need to download and upload large amounts of data. This is the Power Plus 2899 plan so we are not capped as you can see from the screenshot.

Technical Details

The PLDT Home Fibr service is an FTTH service. That means it utilizes fibre optic cables to deliver high-bandwidth connections to subscribers. The PLDT Home Fibr is a dynamic IP connection and PLDT provides a WIFI modem/router with the package. The included modem/router is configured as a router by default but you can request to set it to bridge during installation if you plan to use your own router.

If you want to request for a static IP service, you can call customer service and inquire about a static IP service but it will be charged differently.

Playstation Network users may encounter issues with NAT Type with some IPs provided by the network. When that occurs, just get a new IP by restart your router or if your router allows it, refreshing to get a new one.


Right now besides the landline and modem/wifi router as well as free installation, at the very basic you have free iFlix subscription and FOX network. iFlix can be accessed from the Android and Apple App Store but is not available in Sony Playstation apps or most Smart TV apps (e.g. LG and Samsung).

For the FOX Network Group channel access, it is not documented in any of PLDT Home Fibr’s pages nor does FOX have a support page for it. I called up PLDT HOME Fibr support asking for details and they referred me to technical support for it which wasn’t also able to answer my inquiry in detail.

Customer Service

PLDT offers various ways of contacting them. Via landline is easily the most accessible with PLDT Home Fibr subscribers having access to PLDT Titanium Customer Care support which is apparently their high-value customer support line. There are still wait time but its definitely a far cry from 171, 172 and PLDT HOME Bro support.

For comparison, I had a service disruption around June 3 with my Home Bro connection. PLDT promised to a field technician visit me by June 7 which never came. I called in again June 7 to report the issue and it was stated that the technician backed out and had to reschedule for JUNE 29. That is almost a month that he had to skip to reschedule my support request. That was unacceptable.

HOME Fibr support is mostly faster with configurations easily made by technical personnel via remote.

Gaming Experience


Starting off with download speeds, we’re able to maximize our connection on Steam, Origin, Uplay, Rockstar Social Club and the majority of game platforms including Playstation Network, Xbox Live and Nintendo eShop. As mentioned, PSN subs might have issues with the NAT Type and its recommended to just get a new IP when that issue occurs.

Ping times is what matters but this is highly subjective as some games will have locations varying. DOTA2 for example averages 52ms for SEA and at best, around 20ms. For Overwatch, we get ping times of 50ms for Asia server and 180ms for the Americas server. Network configuration plays a role here as directly connecting to the PLDT modem router improves ping times by a notable margin in some scenarios.

Overall Experience


Going by the first month alone, I can say its a very consistent experience in terms of speed, ping and service. There would be times where the connection would drop because the router would request another IP but that’s rather momentary and you won’t really notice it.

As the title of this article does say, PLDT HOME Fibr is definitely worth it. The speed is good, the support is good and the bundle is good. Relatively speaking some may say the price is higher than our SEA neighbors but barring that, this is the faster consumer-grade 50Mbps subscription one can get right now with synchronous speeds. But as the title also indicates, this is a service that is hard to acquire. Many locations even in Manila have not yet been covered and you need to be very patient if your area is covered. PLDT has promised that they will roll out completely around 2017.

My experience in getting this connection was horrible as online support doesn’t list it and the nearest business also won’t approve my application because they aren’t sure of the coverage. It was only when a field agent physically surveyed the area to confirm coverage and just a week later my application was approved and they installed it directly with PLDT engineers handling the installation instead of the contractors that we get from DSL.

The PLDT guys were really good and had my connection up in an hour. I request that my line be straight to post, my connection is a straight optic cable from the service post to my modem so I don’t get any loss.

To wrap things up, if you’re considering upgrade or is looking for a high-speed internet connection for your home or home office, PLDT HOME Fibr is an ideal option. Its best to get the Power Plus 2899 if you don’t care about the packages and just want a phone and internet service. I really don’t get the point of the 1899 PLAN and its capping as you can easily gobble all that up with unmonitored usage.

Overall, PLDT HOME Fibr for now is your best choice if you’re area is covered. If you have further questions, kindly comment and we’ll share more about our experience.

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    1. There’s a lot of factors involved in that but its mostly an infrastructure thing. It really hard getting those fibre optic cables laid out in densely populated areas without messing up existing installations.

      I live in Tondo, in a bad neighborhood, and I’m just lucky they manage to get a single box hooked-up here.

      They’ll eventually roll out more of it, they need to. Not because they care, but it means more money for them. More FTTH installations means more bandwidth to go around which means more customers so more money.

      1. Boss Mac, madali lang daw mag lay out ng fiber optic pero sa permits at kung ano2x pang mga papers sila na di delay. Example dito sa dipolog city need pa nila ng approval ng provincial government, city gov’t at local electric company para maki sabay sila sa infra nila.

        1. Ah totoo yan bro. Yung latag madali pag may gagalawan pero dito samen sa Tondo, sobrang sikip bro konting tibag mo lang sa lupa or maling latag ng poste mapapaaway talaga mga lineman. Ganun kasi nangyari nung pinalatag ko ung saken, yung poste kasi namen dito may nagtitinda ng ulam sa baba, ayaw umalis sila dapat nasusunod. Pinatulan ko na lang sabi ko problema sa inyo inangkin nyo nanaman yung kalsada tapos ayun away na lang kami habang nagkakabit ung mga lineman kasi tumabi na rin naman sila. 1 oras lang daw hahaha inorasan pa ako

      1. i experience constant disconnections. It happens all the time within a few seconds of each other. I’m running a continuous ping and can see it lose connection… I’ve opened three trouble tickets and they have yet to send anyone out. Even though they have told me to wait 72 hours then a tech will come out. (all three times I’ve called them) I am going to call them again today

        marikina city fiber optic 20mb here.

      1. unfortunately wala pa rin dito sa area namin sa Sampaloc, I’ve been a FIBR user nung nasa Taguig pa ko. What’s funny is that my place back in Taguig was much scarier compared here in Manila. Pero tama rin yung sabi ng ibang nagcomment dito, Posibleng hirap nga maka-penetrate yung mga gustong maglagay ng facility. 🙁 Pero sana magkaron na. Kahit anong ISP yan basta naka-fiber na.

        Is there any chance that we can file a petition to PLDT to let them know that we need their service? Palay na lumalapit sa kanila o.

    1. Weee may fibr sa taytay! May i know kung anong area po? Worry ko yan since we’re coming from kapitolyo pasig where all dsl plans are available. We’ll be transferring to brgy dolores at maharlika subd.

  1. Tinry namin i-upgrade yung Home Bro namin into Fibr kasi covered naman yung area. Ang problem lang daw is hindi daw po pwede ma-bend yung fiber cable kasi glass daw sya sabi sa PLDT. Ask ko lang po, totoo po bang hindi pwede ma-bend yung fiber cables? Nakakapanghinayang kasi, sobrang lapit namin sa mismong poste kung san nakakabit yung fiber box (not sure kung fiber box ba talaga tawag dun). As in parang 3 kanto lang ang layo namin sa poste.

    1. Yes bro, hindi sya pwede magkaroon ng bend kasi mababasag ung fibre element sa loob. Pero ano konek nun bro kasi pwede nila gawan ng paraan yan, malayo ang range ng fibre cable hindi ka mawawala ng signal. Pwede mo gawin bigyan mo sila ng latag na imbis na mag-bend is magke-curve yung optic cable. Hindi sila marunong kung sasabihin nila yan.

      San area mo bro and sino ung nag-survey ng area nyo? Anlapit sobra ng tatlong kanto, hindi mo need mag-bend jan, kukurbada yan papasok sayo.

      1. Sana talaga gawan nalang nila ng paraan. Wala pa naman kasi nagsusurvey sa area namin, yun na kaagad sinabi. Isang factor na naisip ko dito, baka ayaw nila magkabit kasi nagiisa lang kami dito sa lugar namin na gusto magfibr. Mga kapitbahay kasi namin dito satisfied na sa Home Bro, e ako hindi haha.

        Btw, sa Antipolo po ako and wala pa nagsusurvey sa area namin. Naginquire lang kami for upgrade sa customer service sa PLDT na malapit samin. Ang sinasabi nilang magiging problem is yung mga bahay daw na matatamaan sa pagkakabit.

        Nagset po ako ng directions simula sa bahay namin hanggang dun sa poste through google maps. Sana makita hehe.,+Antipolo,+Rizal/14.5848244,121.1833467/@14.5851496,121.182612,238m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m9!4m8!1m5!1m1!1s0x3397bf575a39282f:0xa46eb94134996d7f!2m2!1d121.1821648!2d14.5856125!1m0!3e2

        Thanks for the info sir.

        1. Punta ka na lang talaga sa office nila bro yun ang best solution jan sabihin mo aware ka dun and nacheck mo na personally na hindi magkakaissue kasi walang tight bends na kailangan. Anlalayo ng itatakbo nyan oh walang bend yan

  2. this review is useless if you dont include gaming latency for most online games… especially Battlefield 4. we access servers outside from philippines

    1. Its an overall experience review, and its an ongoing process. I’d include gaming latency, etc. maybe in the future but that’s a big maybe. Fact of the matter is, if you’re in PH you’re stuck with only 3 fibre options and its performance vs reliability scenario most of the times so I focus on reliability in terms of consistency first rather than specific details which will indeed come in the future.

      I feel ya though, reason why I stopped playing BF4 was because I was on a crappy wireless line.

  3. BossMac san ka sa tondo? malapit kasi ko sa balut tondo medical center, plano namin magpakabit din, meron kaya dito?

  4. Boss tanong ko lang pano nyo na force na magsurvey sa lugar nyo?
    Nag apply kasi ko, then 2 weeks after wala daw fiber facilities. Near highway kasi kami so expected ko accessible naman. Pede ko ba verify personal kung may fiber box sila malapit? Ano itsura nun sir?

      1. This. I have a pic here di ko mahanap lang though, but Bob’s right. You can try walking-in sa nearest business office sa inyo, that’s how I got mine. Para ata dun sa mga gusto magka-fibre coverage ang advise saken is to get at least 5-10 sure subscribers sa area. Pero I can’t confirm that kung totoo.

  5. Nagtahan, Sampaloc pala area ko. Malapit lang talaga sa highway. Saka malapit sa Malacañang kaya kala ko sure na may fiber hehe.

  6. I keep on losing my internet connection every day like seriously EVERY DAY. Pati yung phone hindi gumagana so I have to use my mobile para macontact lang tech support nila. Ilang reps na nakausap ko: si Denver, Mark, Gilbert, Nico pero they’re all saying the same shit. They’ll file a report etc. Ok lang sa simula pero after 2 months marami na problema yung connection nila. I have an online job so di pwedeng nawawala-wala yung net ko tapos immediate na nga request mo file ng report pa rin?

    1. So far so good naman po, wala pa rin nagiging prob nor matagal na disconnection. Once lang nagkaroon pero mga 10 mins lang. Speed is consistent, ping is consistent. So good marks for this service still.

  7. register lng po sa homeplayer at install ang plugin….dpt firefox or internet expl para mag play,,sa iflix ito po…hope it helps…

    Andrew from iflix (iflix)
    Oct 18, 10:49 MYT

    Hey there!

    Prepare to be enlightened…. So PLDT has this deal out right now stating that if you are a DSL, Fibr, uLTEra, and TVolution/Telpad subscriber, then you are entitled to a 1-year subscription to iflix! If ever you are subscribed to one of these PLDT services then I suggest you get our voucher quick. I need these requirements in case you want to avail of the voucher!

    1.) Account name registered to the billing
    2.) Landline number
    3.) What type of PLDT plan you have.
    4.) Email Address
    5.) Account Number

    Hope this answers your question!

    Your iflix papi,

    [email protected]

  8. If I already have the application form but it seems that my area isn’t listed on the areas with fibr connections, can I have the 2899 connection already? My area’s not listed on the list with fibr connections but all other computer shops here are using PLDT Fibr. Is it possible for me to get that one? PS: I already have the application form given by PLDT.

  9. as of late i have been concerned about our internet speeds with Fibr, as we do not know anything about our current plan. We know that we are using a Fibr plan(it even says on the modem) but the rest is anonymous. we pay P1433/month for 2.5Mbps (pretty low considering we are using Fibr, but hey, who am i to know? im just a concerned 14 year old that want smooth COD gameplay) but thats pretty much everything that we know about it. i tried to look up what Fibr plan offer similar rates but to no avail. i checked our bills but for some reason it is listed that we are paying for a DSL bundle, which is not what we want. tell me if something is wrong or i am just stupid for not knowing.

    1. You’re on a DSL plan no doubt. Doesn’t matter what it says on the modem, it just means you probably can go full-Fibr if you choose to do so but the you’re on a DSL plan and those are DSL speeds you’re getting. Best you can do is talk to your folks and mention the option of a real Fibr Power Plus plan and see if they’re willing to plunk down 2899 monthly for a 50mbps connection.

    2. @Trocer. Hindot ka, Naka DSL Plan ka. Magkaiba yung Fibr Plan sa DSL plan. Basa basa din kulangot. Tang ina mo 14 years old ka palang? Mag aral ka muna. Naghahangad ka ng mabilis na internet speed para lang pagtikolan mo yung mga twerker sa youjizz/youtube/xvideos/pornhub eh. Patuli ka muna iho. Call of Duty? Tang ina mo ka. LAOS NA YUN!. Walang available kasi hindi pwede sa katulad mong kupal. Peace out paa

  10. Is it correct that PLDT will only include 200m of fiber cable with the free installation? I’m being charged an additional PHP6,000 for my plan 2899 installation because my connection requires 500m (20PHP per metre).

    1. I am also being charged an additional 14k just to have a fiber connection. Location is Welfareville Compound , Mandaluyong City

  11. Will resetting the router really fix connection issues? I just got the 2899 bundle today, connects seamlessly with my gadgets and laptop but I still can’t seem to get my LG smart TV (2016 model) to work with it. It can connect via WiFi but it doesn’t let me access the Internet, I always get stuck with failed downloading of the user agreement for LG smart TVs and without me being able to accept the agreement my smart TV is not smart at all. :'(

    1. Try going into the PLDT router web interface and use and for the primary and alternate DNS servers. I had the same issue with an LG 43 inch UHD TV, and trhis was the only thing that fixed the issue. Of course after modifying the DNS servers, restart both the router and the TV.

      1. @Mac Donald B Ramos. King ina mo pasikat. Kailangan mo ba sabihin yung buong lecheng pangalan ng TV mo? Hangal ka leche. Payaman putang ina. Di ka nga marunong mag modify ng DNS gago. Dali dali lang noon. Rerestart mo pa TV at router mo? Gunggong Restart mo mismong modem mo tanga.

  12. Hi BoosMac,

    May i know your specific location in tondo? I just got off the phone with PLDT CSR and they’re asking if i could give them the following details from the current fibr subscriber in tondo.

    Landline Number:

    Hope you could help me,


  13. Hello. Bakit hindi niyo po sinasagot kung saan po kayo sa Tondo area, para sana may idea kami kung aasa pa ba kami na magkaFibr? 🙂 I’m from Gagalangin Tondo.

        1. @Lmao21 Ina mo ka. Magfifibr ka lang sa youtube? Avid user ang puta. Wag mag feeling mayaman kung mag fibr ka pang tukmol ka. Doon ka nalang sa mababang mbps. Di ka naman nagbabayad nyang internet na gagamitin mong hindot ka eh. Chupi chupi.

    1. Up para dito, Taga gagalangin din ako. Pampanga st. naghahanap din ako pero wala ako nakita eh. gusto ko rin sana pa upgrade.

  14. BossMac May Installation Fee po ba yang FIBR po na yan? FIBR Ready nadin pala d2 sa may BATO ST Gagalangin Tondo eh haha.

  15. have been applying weekly/monthly for over a year now but until today no sign of hope can be seen. I’ve been eyeing for fiber eagerly because of a potential good source of income is waiting. Funny about my case, there are two areas that are fiber ready which is about 3-5mins walk away from me, and the newly constructed village is one of it and is already fiber capable while im still stuck with this 15 year old or more DSL turtle connection. I can say we could be probably one of the first internet subscriber of PLDT and probably be the last to get fiber wtf!!!

  16. How difficult is it to get Fibr installed in a condo? AskPLDT app shows that my building and street does not have Fibr. My street is in the middle of two barangays, and the funny thing is when I search the building across the same street (like 50m away), suddenly it shows that Fibr is available all across the street (but only when searching the other barangay). Been applying every now and then for a year and always “not available mamsir”. Any hope in getting condo hooked up in the line or should I just move to a different area?

  17. Hi! Kamusta naman ang jitter ng connection? I will be using this kasi for voip app and i need a reliable connection

  18. May naka fibr dito samen nakaconnect cla sa subdivision mejo malayu gamit nila satellite binebenta nila ung internet connection ung 10mb is 3k. May hawak cla mga lagpas 10 internet shop gamit isang fibr kumikitang kabuhayan tlga. Legal ba un?

    1. Di nila pinaalam yun. Need nila malaman kung for what purpose mo gagamitin ang fibr. Fibr is for home use or personal use. Kung mag bubusiness ka. Stick to the business side of PLDT’s internet connections 100mbs to 300mbps. Not to use Fibr. Kasi madaming high end users gumagamit neto. Connections will just subside sa ibang fibr users and mag rerekalmo or what. This is not for all also. That’s why pili lang ang lugar na merong Fibr.

  19. Is it normal na pag hndi pinatay ang modem within 24 hours nagkakaron ng interruption especially pag laptop or pc ang icoconnect?

  20. Mga boss especially dun sa mga taga Tondo, baka pwede pa share naman nung address nyo and account number kase I’ve tried applying for fibr pero sbe nila not fibr ready daw yung area ko. (taga wagas moriones ako) pero sbe din nila kung meron daw kakilala na naka fibr within my area eh sbhin sknila para magawan ng paraan. Pahelp pls

  21. Hi!, I’m from Cainta. We’ve been subscribe to fibr for 10 months now. It’s really been a journey. We’ve been like having disconnection issues every now and then due to the double the cap speed. Due to marketing strat of PLDT. But to give you a honest feedback, PLDT Fibr for 10 months is really, really, and I mean really good. I’m a gamer. It really is a heavenly bond for that fast internet speed + the updates and download you get all day on steam, or else where. Youtube is like a corn of the cob type. Due to 1080p 60fps streaming is a breeze. Even if you want 3 or 5 more videos playing at that same pace it wont buffer. Downloading 56gb for an hour? Hell yeah!. Downloading 2gb worth of file/movie or what, Can give you like 2 to 5 mins worth of your time and go finish it and you’ve like 10 more movies worth to watch. That’s how fast Fibr is!, But the downfall is that you need to have to confirm if its available in your area, and the price point is just right for 2,899. Others will just like try to get into the flow of what people are getting. If you are a avid not hardcore user of gigs of internet. Don’t get Fibr just for show. Its clearly not for everyone. Also the price point is semi expensive for others.

    1. “Don’t get Fibr just for show”? Fibr is primarily offered by PLDT to every consumer or client no matter how “frequent” they use internet. You don’t have to be a “hardcore” internet user to get access to Fibr, not everyone that went for the Fibr Optic Connection bought it just for show. This just shows how much gamers have became so self-absorbed and selfish that they refrain other people from getting Fibr just because they are not “hardcore” users of internet and bitch you just don’t say that you download 50+ gb or movies in minutes or stream in 1080p 60fps then tell us “avid” users of internet to go fuck off and not use Fibr. I’ve been using Fibr for years and been recommending it to everyone no matter what, even if they are not considered gamers or “hardcore” users of internet and its the first time I’ve seen a person refrain internet users from using Fibr Connection.

    2. Fibr clearly not for everyone??? I don’t understand this. Two years now my internet and landline bundle plan is fiber optic connected. For P1,299 a month! First time I heard about fiber optic technology being used for telecommunication was forty years ago. Thirty eight years before I get to experience it in my own home. Everything should be fiber optic by now. And it is for everyone, should be for everyone. Whether you need 3Mbps or a hefty 1Gbps connection.

  22. Hi! Currently using Fibr for 2 weeks now. Pero twice na rin nawalan ng connection. Is it because of the router? and if so, mas okay bang gumamit na lang ng sariling router for it?


  23. Fibr sucks like any other pldt product. Peope, DONT believe this lies here and at PLDT! Nothing has changed, speed is only good when you do a speedtest to a PLDT server, but try a speedtest to any international server… 200mbps are suddenly 10mbps. And this “titanium” service is nothing else than the normal 171, takes also 4 weeks before ever any repair will happen! All they want is your money, without giving any service at all. I have PLDT since 20 years, I can tell you.

  24. PLDT Home Fiber installed last June 30, 2017 a migration from copper DSL 3000 to Fiber 2899. But ’til now we have no internet connections. We had been calling the PLDT and Home Fiber contractor for many times everyday but still we haven’t been visited since then.It’s such a dismay on our part on migrating. Still no result of visits.We are located at a private village here in Quezon City. Fiber is really hard to get but is it really worth it?CP # 0945-3171457

      1. Thanks Sir BossMac 🙂 I remember the old pldt plans.. 1699 for the DSL + around 700 for the land line + 200 (i dont know where this was coming from since nobody has been using the landline for outgoing calls)

        So the 2899 also covers the landline charges then? 😀

  25. Hi, kakakabit lang ng PLDT Fibr namin this day. At sabi ng lineman ng PLDT within 24 hours daw hintayin bago maactivate ang connection. Obviousy, as of writing, wala pang 24 hours (3pm pa kinabukasan ang full 24hrs), so ask ko lang kung maactivate na ang fiber internet sa amin within that given time frame ay gagana na rin ba ang telephone namin??? Existing PLDT DSL and telephone subscriber na kasi kami.. Nakita rin kasi namin na tinanggal yung wire ng telephone namin sa Caller’s ID at wala ring dial tone ang PLDT telephone namin na nakakonek ngayon sa Fiber router. Hindi man lang inexplain sa amin kung ba’t ganun. Wala talaga care mga PLDT sa customers nila basta magawa lang trabaho nila umalis na parang nagmamadali. Napansin lang namin yung ganung problema nung nakaalis na mga lineman. Wala naman idea karamihan ng consumers sa installation ng fiber diba? Haay… Indeed, they just want money from people.

  26. Plan 1699 This stinks my ping is 16 (lowest ping I’ve got) to 250 (highest ping) the download speed is only 300kbps.
    P.S. pldt can you do 1mbps for that plan? bcoz I think it is not fair, there are many times that we can’t even watch a youtube video at a resolution of 480p. hope that you PLDT claiming that Pldt home fibr is the ultimate internet available in your services 🙂

    1. Just a suggestion:

      Switch to Converge ICT. They have plan 1500 and you’ll get up t o 20Mbps.

      Or if you still want to stay with PLDT, upgrade to their PLAN 1899.


    FOR 4 DAYS

    1. What’s the choice? I have apartments with Pldt Fibr and Globe wireless connections, they are both terrible. Well, this is what happens if you don’t allow foreign competition to shake them up.

  28. I have SME Fibr connection which is rubbish. I’m paying P3,000+ a month for a P300 service, if that. We have repeatedly called for someone to check for about 10 days and stressed that we don’t live at that location and they need to call us first so that we can attend and give access to the equipment. After a week someone rolled up unannounced and left. A tenant spoke to them and asked them to come back the next morning. Someone went there the whole of the next day and the next day and no-one came. We called the hotline again and even went to the office in Robinsons, but nothing has happened. If you access the website, where it says Report Problem or Follow up Service Request, they both show error messages and have done since i first tried more than a week ago. If i click on trouble shooting nothing happens at all.

    They are all billing and promos, no service whatsoever. Useless. I will lose tenants and a lot of money because of their uselessness.

  29. need help. pati kami mandaluyong area. imagine 2018 na sa brgy hulo at sa tivoli garden residences pa. hindi daw available ang fiber. sorry pero hindi ko gets kung san yung cable? are they referring dun sa cable ng poste or were they referring to the cable dun sa condo?

  30. Hi Mac Suba:

    I live here in Camella 1 Putatan, Muntinlupa and I am considering PLDT’s Fibr – because it appears that they are the only one to first penetrate my area. I work at home and I depend on the internet for my livelihood. I would like to know how dependable this service is from PLDT.

    If I had a choice I would opt for ConvergeICT or Sky Internet’s Fiber Service because PLDT is infamous for its poor and incompetent customer service.

    1. If you’re using it for work and dependability is a must, I suggest Converge. If you don’t have anyone in your vicinity that can vouch for PLDT reliability, Converge is your best option since I’m the only one right now in my area that has it, I can only depend on their updates and notifs if there’s a problem and so far they haven’t failed me.

      I’ve been on Converge for half-a-year now and no big interruption has come my way yet. They text you if there’s a disruption in your area, even if its just minutes and they actually do address service problems in their Facebook page when they do encounter but mostly it will be fixed in 10 or so minutes. If there’s a maintenance schedule, longest would be an hour and it will always be done at 2am onwards.

      PLDT right now is kinda must-avoid. Having their call center regularization issue cripple a big part of their support service, its going to be hard to make follow ups or ask for help if and there is a problem.

  31. Converge customer for half a year na po?? nag pa pre-terminate po ba kayo sa PLDT fibr? bad service po ba yung PLDT fibr before kayo nag converge? base po dun kasi sa comment nyo 2 years ago naka pldt fibr kayo.

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