More Cores for Everyone: AMD Ryzen on Lenovo Laptops

As the world undergoes a digital shift at a scale that we’ve never expected to happen, many of us are doing work at home. But at this point, it’s not just doing the same work we do at the office that we worry about, but rather the number of things we have to do at the same time. Most of you will probably have a Microsoft Teams discussion going on in the back but then would also need to shift to a client’s Zoom call. All of this is happening with a Powerpoint presentation loaded at the same time, and with probably some spreadsheet and word processing going on as well. It just gets worst for some.

And with this kind of workload, many people are now faced with a dilemma: their older PCs just can’t cope up with modern demands. Luckily, advancement in computing has been rapid even before COVID and this is thanks to AMD’s push for more cores and more efficient architecture in their CPUs. They have also advanced their technology to create the APU which fuses their CPUs and GPUs to create a computing experience much closer to what people expect from their more discrete options.

More Cores for Everyone: AMD Ryzen on Lenovo Laptops - Lenovo Yoga 6
More Cores for Everyone: AMD Ryzen on Lenovo Laptops 13

In this article we’ll talk about AMD-powered laptops, discussing how they’re enabling the digital worker to do more and go forward in life. To help us out in this experience, we have the Lenovo Yoga 6 from Lenovo’s convertible laptops under the Yoga line. Read on!

AMD Ryzen for Laptops

With the progression to 7nm, AMD’s Ryzen™ CPUs have forged the way for incredibly great performance on low-powered devices. AMD-powered laptops have become a go-to for those seeking multi-core CPUs on mobile devices for their various needs, as AMD CPUs push performance on low-powered systems further by offering more cores that allow users to multitask as they have never before.

More Cores for Everyone: AMD Ryzen on Lenovo Laptops - Lenovo Yoga 6
More Cores for Everyone: AMD Ryzen on Lenovo Laptops 14

In this article, we have the 8-core AMD Ryzen™ 7 4700U Mobile Processor with Radeon™ Graphics on the Lenovo Yoga 6. Up until maybe last year, 8-core laptops were unheard of, and those that are in that small niche have been hulking behemoths that fit in the gaming segment. Our Lenovo Yoga 6 is compact, stylish, and ultralight but for most office use, it allows a healthy disregard for opening multiple applications, which really helps to improve workflow.

AMD also integrated their Radeon™ graphics on our Ryzen™ 7 4700U Mobile Processor, which gives us a boost as well in programs that require graphics application. Just to temper expectations, you want graphics acceleration on your PC, whether it be a laptop or desktop. It’s not just for gaming, you also need graphics for accelerating 4K videos, working with PowerPoint, and many others. Be immersed in every detail with AMD Radeon™ Graphics as you edit photos and videos and stream your favorite shows in up to 4K resolution and HDR.

That said, the key take here is that all this is being powered by your laptop’s batteries. AMD’s advancements in this field have taken their multi-core CPU to new levels, allowing laptops like the Lenovo Yoga 6 to deliver great battery life for longer working time without being tethered to a power outlet.

Lenovo Yoga 6: AMD Ryzen for Laptops at Work

Lenovo sent us the Yoga 6 for us to try and I have always been a fan of the Yoga line. Not only are they flexible and very, very compact, they’re also a sort of rulebreaker. Whether it’s by design or by usage, the Yoga line is always a nice series to look forward to as it’s always got something new for us to really pick on each detail.

Now, there’s nothing really revolutionary here in terms of extra functionality or design but you have to give credit where credit is due. Lenovo’s choice to go with that fabric top cover is something you don’t see every day or every year for that matter.

More Cores for Everyone: AMD Ryzen on Lenovo Laptops - Lenovo Yoga 6
More Cores for Everyone: AMD Ryzen on Lenovo Laptops 15

The Lenovo Yoga 6 is a portable powerhouse featuring an AMD Ryzen™ 7 4700U Mobile Processor with Radeon™ Graphics: an 8-core, 16-thread processor clocking in a boost speed of up to 4.2 Ghz using Max Boost. This means you’re getting desktop-class performance in a compact product. In our testing, the Lenovo Yoga 6 scored just under 11 hours in our battery life testing under office usage circling around productivity applications, video conferencing, and browsing the web. This is easily one of the lengthiest battery lives coming from an 8-core CPU that we have seen from a laptop.

Productivity Testing – Lenovo Yoga

We gave the Lenovo Yoga 6 a run in PCMark 10 to see what kind of performance we can get. As a guide, we have an AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HS Mobile Processor to compare. This CPU sits in the upper-end of AMD’s laptop CPU offerings and we get a productivity score of 5693 on this system. Comparing that with our Lenovo Yoga 6, our system scores a very respectable 4933 in PCMark 10. This basically means that for most office scenarios, the Lenovo Yoga 6 powered by AMD Ryzen™ is a deceptive powerhouse able to bring some of the best performance you need for work.

More Cores for Everyone: AMD Ryzen on Lenovo Laptops - Lenovo Yoga 6
More Cores for Everyone: AMD Ryzen on Lenovo Laptops 16

Whether it’s juggling multiple Zoom, Teams, Discord, or whichever teleconferencing tool you have while keeping a large spreadsheet open together with your business presentation ready in the back, AMD-powered laptops like the Lenovo Yoga 6 is capable of letting you cycle through them so your workflow will be more of about focusing on delivering your ideas instead of managing which application to close and open.

Speaking of workflow, Lenovo made sure that yours won’t get interrupted while using the Yoga 6 with its 3-Year Premium Care warranty. Its tailored level of care has everything you need to make the most out of the Yoga 6 as it is capable of reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. The service contains nifty solutions such as a 24/7 direct hotline to technicians and an Annual PC Health Check that’s vital in the long run and allows you to do more with your device no matter how you use it.

Going Forward

More Cores for Everyone: AMD Ryzen on Lenovo Laptops - Lenovo Yoga 6
More Cores for Everyone: AMD Ryzen on Lenovo Laptops 17

As we welcome a new era in productivity and business, we need reliable devices that just work. No second-guessing which apps work and which apps you have to close. Keep them on and maximize your multitasking so you can focus on what’s at hand: going forward to the rest of the day.

Three years ago, I would’ve never believed that 8-core laptops are now in the lifestyle and business products as I’ve always perceived them as something you’d more commonly see on other segments. This is of course a very welcome direction for laptops to take as it gives people an easier time in choosing their laptops. It basically removes the need to choose laptops based on which CPU is best because when you’re getting great CPU performance, regardless of the tier you’re going with, the only thing you’d be worrying about the next time you get a laptop for work is probably how big a screen you want to have or maybe which color it has.

So, what’s your next laptop going to be? Let me know down in the comments and if you have a question or need help choosing the laptop you need for work, let me know. I’d be very happy to guide you.

More Cores for Everyone: AMD Ryzen on Lenovo Laptops - Lenovo Yoga 6
More Cores for Everyone: AMD Ryzen on Lenovo Laptops 18

You can also check out more specs of the Lenovo Yoga 6 by visiting the product on the Lenovo Philippines website at

The Yoga 6 is now available for PHP 49,995 at Lenovo Exclusive Stores and Lenovo Authorized Resellers nationwide ( You can also get it at the world’s first exclusive Yoga Store located at the 4th floor, Cyberzone, SM City North EDSA Annex. It also can be purchased online through Lenovo Yoga’s Official Flagship Store at Lazada via

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