A Closer Look at ASUS Premium Care Program for Notebooks -

A Closer Look at ASUS Premium Care Program for Notebooks

ASUS Philippines’ has announced its ROG Premium Care service since last year and it was a great stride towards a direction that would eventually cover most of its notebook products. Recently, ASUS has went ahead and announced that it is going full swing with its Premium Care service for both ROG and mainline ASUS notebooks. In this feature, we’ll take a closer look at the process in which ASUS rejuvenates your system.

What is ASUS Premium Care?

ASUS Premium Care is a 9-step maintenance program for all ASUS or ROG laptops purchased from authorized ASUS or ROG Concept Stores or authorized retailers and are still within the 23-month warranty period.

Owners can avail of the maintenance service FREE-OF-CHARGE for their first session with succeeding sessions available for a fee.

The services included in the program are as follows:

  1. Over-All System Diagnostics
  2. Thermal Compound Re-Pasting
  3. Fan / Air Vent Cleaning
  4. Memory “Golden Pins” Cleaning
  5. Keyboard Cleaning
  6. Cosmetics Part Cleaning
  7. LCD Cleaning
  8. Recommendations
  9. Final Overall System Check-Up

Customers need to book an appointment for their Premium Care session which can be made via ASUS’ Call Center at 798-57-00 or through the My ASUS App.

The following information will be required from the customer:

  • Customer Information: Name, Contact Number, E-Mail Address and Customer Location
  • Unit Information: Model, Serial Number and Proof of Purchase (Purchased Date)
  • Turn Around Time (TAT): 2 Working Days
  • GSM units are excluded
  • OS & Software (3rd Party Applications ETC) Excluded

If a customer’s laptop is outside the warranty period or is voided by customer induced damage the customer may still avail of the program for an SRP of PHP 2995.00

The ASUS Premium Care is available nationwide at selected ASUS Authorized Service Partners (ASPs)

What Goes in ASUS Premium Care

A Closer Look at ASUS Premium Care Program for Notebooks -Once your laptop has been booked to an ASUS Premium Care session, you’ll need to drop it off an Authorized Service Partner. Premium Care is not a while-you-wait service and you will need to leave your unit to have it serviced. You will be informed after when to pick-up your unit.

Formalities aside, the service itself is pretty-straightforward: ASUS-trained specialists will perform a series of steps that ensure your notebook is performing in a pristine state as if it just came out of the factory. The majority of the procedure is pretty much on the internal componentry, and we’ll walk you through the process in this segment.

Over-All System Diagnostics

A system check will be performed to identify the status of key components to note if and resolve existing or emerging issues caused by normal wear that may normally be overlooked by the users.

Thermal Compound Re-Pasting

A Closer Look at ASUS Premium Care Program for Notebooks -ASUS-trained technicians will service your unit’s hardware inside out and that includes disassembling the unit. Once disassembled, the technician will be able to perform maintenance on the succeeding steps  in this program. Technically, the TIM or thermal compound replacement will be done once reassembly is in process. This involves cleaning away the old thermal paste with a newer application to guarantee effective heat transfer from the vital components to the cooling solution.

As of this writing ASUS Premium Care is partnered with CoolerMaster and their MasterGel product is used as the replacement TIM.

Fan / Air Vent Cleaning

Dust build-up is one of the quickest way to deteriorate your laptop by denying fresh air from your system and restricting air flow. The cooling fans, heatsinks and air vents are cleaned by the technician to remove any obstruction in your notebook cooling.

Memory “Golden Pins” Cleaning

Connectors on most add-in cards and components in notebooks have gold connectors and they do eventually corrode over time. To maintain excellent contact with slots and terminals, the ASUS Premium Care program includes cleaning of the memory golden pin connectors to make sure they are free from corrosion.

Keyboard Cleaning

A Closer Look at ASUS Premium Care Program for Notebooks -Dust and debris can lodge themselves over time in your keyboard and this leads to performance degradation from your keyboard, leading to poor contact with the sensor and keys or total loss of input. Keyboard cleaning helps improve your key input by cleaning contact points and the gaps between keycaps.

Cosmetics Part Cleaning

A Closer Look at ASUS Premium Care Program for Notebooks -Once reassembled, the ASUS laptop gets a cosmetic clean-up. The entire case of the unit is cleaned to perfection. Do note that ASUS Premium Care does not include dings and scratch removal that the system may have incurred during normal use in its lifetime.

LCD CleaningA Closer Look at ASUS Premium Care Program for Notebooks -

The LCD is also cleaned including everything underneath the bezel. Fingerprints, grime and other debris that may have lodged themselves in your panel display will be cleaned-off in this process. Again, ASUS does not include scratch removal in this process.


The technician will have made a note of your system and will create a report including recommendations that the user will be notified of to inform them of the system status.

Final Overall System Check-Up

A final test is made to ensure all systems are running normally.

Why Avail of ASUS Premium Care?

Because its free if you’re under warranty. Kidding aside, its a big step towards extending the life of your ASUS laptop. Most of us see these laptops as an investment but at the end of the day, its still a workhorse. A tool. A machine designed to do work and with work comes wear and tear. In many industries, preventive maintenance is the term used to methods performed  to reduce wear and make sure systems operate in full capacity.

ASUS Premium Care is their version of it for their notebooks. Both ASUS and ROG laptops will be able to fully perform to peak levels during their lengthy 24-month warranty period and beyond when Premium Care is utilized to its utmost capacity.


A Closer Look at ASUS Premium Care Program for Notebooks -Even if you’re really hands-on with your notebook, there is a limit to how much you can safeguard or maintain your notebook without having to get into the inner guts of your units. Dust will eventually find their way inside, and if you care about your warranty you won’t be sticking a screwdriver in your notebook any time. There’s also those people who can’t be bothered or simply have no idea that these wear and tear happen.

Regardless of what background you have, the ASUS Premium Care Program is for everyone. If you have an ASUS laptop within warranty and want to make sure it gets the best hands-on maintenance you can get, ASUS Premium Care is the way to go.