Kraken X31

NZXT Kraken X31 Closed-Loop Cooler with Kraken G10 GPU Bracket Review

AIO cooling has really taken off and acronyms like AIO, ALC, CLC, and closed-loops have now become more common to hear in the PC enthusiast circle. This is mainly due to the fact that these products have earned a reputation of giving the most cost-effective solution for CPU cooling. Its surprising that in just a few years, there are now so many brands that offer their variation of closed-loop liquid cooling solution that it’s really tough to choose. Regardless though the majority of the products available in the market have been tied down by 2 things: 1) no way to monitor their performance and 2) stuck with CPU cooling purposes only.

The first problem can easily be remedied by software measurement tools or temp-monitoring accessories and you can use a fan-controller to tweak the fan speeds for silence but no solution as of yet has provided an actual solution to control the ALC directly for both pump and fans. Together with this, many have seeked to opt for AIO solutions to cool their CPUs. “The Mod” GPU mod is a very popular mod in the forums where tons of folks including myself have shared numerous possibilities of using AIOs to cool GPUs. People eventually went to fabricating brackets but given that case, a manufacturer has to really step up and make it a widely accessible solution.

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Well all that is going to be covered today as NZXT has sent us their new Kraken X31 closed-loop liquid cooler together with the Kraken G10 GPU bracket. The new Kraken X31 supports the new NZXT CAM monitoring software to allow total control of the Kraken AIO. NZXT goes under the scope in this round so let’s get popping!

NZXT Kraken X31 with Kraken G10 GPU Bracket