Avexir Core Series DDR3-2400 16GB Quad-Channel Illuminated Memory Kit

RAM or memory would arguably be the most hard-pressed component when it comes to visual presentation. After all, they sit vertically on your motherboard and no matter what snazzy heatsink they are wearing, chances are you only get to see a portion of it. It also goes without saying that RAM goes hand in hand with some overclocking endeavors so their heatspreader apparel is also functional. Well today we have something that blends form and function and totally changes the way you view DIMM modules. We will be checking out Avexir’s Core Series DDR3 modules which have built in illumination direct from the modules. So read on and we’ll make this brightly showy!

Avexir is a particularly young company in the memory business. Established in 2006, they have rapidly expanded their product line and now have an impressive port folio of offerings for the consumer desktop all the way to server solutions. If you haven’t heard of them, you’ll be surprised that at the time of this writing they hold the world record for the Highest RAM Frequency (thumbs up if you’re reading this in 2070 XD.) Other than that though, not much is known about Avexir except for one thing: they make RAM modules that have built in lights. Now we know Crucial and Corsair have been there but it doesn’t hold a candle to where Avexir is taking their technology. For today’s review, we will be checking out the Avexir Core Series DDR3-2400 modules. Avexir doesn’t say much about their products in their site nor the packaging so let’s just cut away straight to the photoshoot.