GALAX RTX 2070 SUPER Work the Frames Graphics Card Review


Note: This review was originally published September 8th, 2020 prior to the RTX 30 release. It has since been updated with our charts including the RTX 3080. GALAX cards are grouped and were taken prior to the new chart format but the benchmark is still the same as the new format.

GALAX is one of those companies that outside of their high-end HOF line, still can’t nail down a series that will stick and so they bring out the design shotgun and pump out a wide range of products. This week, we’ll take a look at a couple of RTX 20 series cards from GALAX from their RTX 2070 SUPER, 2060 SUPER and 2060 lineup for review. As the RTX 20 series cards are at their last hurrah, vendors are still being creative with their marketing to push out stocks to gamers that are not intending to jump into the latest generation cards.

That said, in this series of review we’ll take a look at four GALAX cards:

In this review we’ll take a look at the playfully named WTF Edition from GALAX. Expanded to Work the Frames, the GALAX RTX 2070 SUPER WTF is a personal favorite of mine from GALAX’s line, not because of the RGB but its smartly utilized backplate art which you’ll see more of later in this review.

GALAX RTX 2070 SUPER Work the Frames Graphics Card Review - GALAX RTX 2070 SUPER

About the GALAX RTX 2070 SUPER Work the Frames

Based on the larger RTX 2080’s TU104 die, the RTX 2070 SUPER features a reduced 2650 CUDA cores vs the 3072. Both cards share the same GDDR6 8GB memory on the same 256-bit wide bus. The stock RTX 2070 SUPER has a 1605Mhz base clock, higher than the 1515Mhz of the RTX 2080.

The main attraction of the Work the Frames series cards is their RGB lighting option. As seen in the video above you have access to 23 lighting effects which is great for visually inspired themes, especially vertically mounting the this GPU.

Still, the cooler itself is a triple fan design boasting an extra large heatsink array. The card itself receives a slight bump in clock speeds with a boost clock of 1815Mhz than reference.

Talking more about the cooling, aside from the larger heatsink design, GALAX also uses a new fan design which improves overall airflow as well as keeping noise low. Dubbed WINGS, the fans have a unique fan blade design which also accentuates the lighting feature of this card.

GALAX RTX 2070 SUPER Work the Frames Graphics Card Review - GALAX RTX 2070 SUPER