ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2070 OC 8GB Graphics Card Review - ROG STRIX RTX 2070

ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2070 OC 8GB Graphics Card Review

ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2070 OC 8GB Graphics Card Review - ROG STRIX RTX 2070

ASUS has managed to squeeze a decent factory OC on their ROG Strix and this gives it a certain advantage in most games compared to reference RTX 2070s like the Palit we have in our tests. We’ll be dipping into comparing the RTX 2070 versus other generation cards in another review and for this one, we’ll compare the RTX 2070s amongst themselves in this RTX 2070 roundup.

With NVIDIA deciding to hold back power limits on the Turing cards, ASUS’ implementation would’ve brought out further performance from this card and even in OC mode, the slight bump would’ve only given it the same out-of-box performance as the Gaming Z.

Between the cards, its obvious the beefy cooler ones would trump both the entry models but surprisingly, there’s a noticeably close gap between cards. This means that if you’re after performance, there’s really a small difference regardless of which mode you choose so like always, it all boils down to user preference and quality. As for us, there’s really nothing striking about ASUS’ ROG Strix design but its a very easy design to work with, blending in with most builds thanks to its all-black motiff.

ASUS’ build quality is also a top reason to consider this card as ASUS has a beefed up VRM complimenting the ROG Strix RTX 2070. While it may not be fully utilized, knowing its there to further condition and deliver clean power to our GPU means its got enough juice to reach its potential.

Other features include onboard fan headers to let you manage airflow via the ROG Strix RTX 2070, letting you manage fans in your case to either spot cool or GPU-control certain fans to favor GPU workloads rather than CPU. This allows for instances wherein you can choose a totally silent configuration where the fans will only start spinning once the GPU feels its starting to heatup. Most ambient heat is caused by the GPU during intense workload so this is really nice touch from ASUS and has been a welcome feature since its adoption.

Still, at Php41000 the ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2070 OC is the most expensive RTX 2070 model we’ve seen so far in the local market. In a more relaxed market, the $630 the price tag is still too much to justify the performance of what basically is a GTX 1080 OC + RTX. While this isn’t ASUS’ fault, it does make it hard for the card to standout more on its own merits just because at the end of the day, most consumer at this segment will probably want more performance and ASUS’ own GTX 1080 Ti would easily beat the ROG Strix RTX 2070 in non-RT games given their reasonably close pricing.

Personally, ASUS is on a tough spot with this product with cheaper SKUs from competitors providing much more reasonable price:performance ratios and other closely-priced cards offering more performance for less. The ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2070 OC does boast excellent build quality thanks to ASUS’ automated manufacturing process and the improved ROG Strix cooler provides one of the most silent cooling solution in the market right now. Its inclusion of onboard fan headers makes it possible to control system fans via GPU activity and for extreme users, voltage checkpoints are present for monitoring voltages.

Right now, it all boils down to preference and if you’re really wanting to get an RTX card but will only standby ASUS, then the ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2070 OC is ASUS current top model for this segment offering excellent build quality and advanced features that make it a uniquely attractive performance card.

ASUS backs the ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2070 OC with a 3-year warranty. We give it our B2G Editor’s Choice Award!

ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2070 OC 8GB Graphics Card Review - ROG STRIX RTX 2070