ASUS PRIME Z690-A LGA1700 Motherboard Review

Well that's just PRIME - Optimum Pride

ASUS’ UEFI BIOS for their PRIME line features both Advanced and Easy mode interfaces for new and advanced users. Easy mode shows key features that show clear the toggles you can change to change various settings like XMP or Fan Control. Shifting to advance, the interface presents a larger menu drien system, something familiar to many ASUS users for many years now. This interface is the one they use in all their modern boards, with the looks and amount of features varying between motherboard line.

The ASUS PRIME line is a basic motherboard line and is aimed at general users and system builders but the BIOS options are quite rich allowing fine control with a wide array of options for fine control. OC options are actually quite rich, with ASUS actually positioning the majority of the Z690 boards for enthusiasts this makes a lot of sense. For controlling further board options, advance menu options allow changing various features on the board as well.

This motherboard was tested using BIOS version 0403. ASUS did not make any update available prior to launch, if any was available.