ASUS PRIME Z690-A LGA1700 Motherboard Review

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ASUS PRIME Z690-A LGA1700 Motherboard Review - ASUS PRIME Z690-A
ASUS PRIME Z690-A LGA1700 Motherboard Preview

The ASUS PRIME Z690-A’s retail box includes a user manual, an installation disc, the Q-connector for the front panel header, spare M.2 Q-latch screw, M.2 support pads and a single pair of SATA cables.

This will be a trend going forward as you will see even in the highest end motherboard, albeit with some inclusions but still, its going to be quite polarizing to see people’s reaction on the reduction on the inclusions as the increased cost would probably have people think the deserve the extra coddling while others may feel satisfied of the reduced box content waste.

I will take this time an make a statement and I will do this for every review I make going forward for motherboards: THERE IS A VERY SMALL AMOUNT OF PEOPLE WHO STILL HAVE CD-ROM DRIVES. Please provide software and drivers via USB flash drive.