12th-gen Intel Core Series Processor Preview

12th-gen Intel Core Series Processor Preview -

Detailing the microarchitecture for Alder Lake means detailing both core architecture. The Performance cores are based on Golden Cove while the Efficiency cores are based on Gracemont. The best analogy I can think of for this arrangement is that of a hybrid-powered sports car. You use electric when city-driving but pump-out the gas when you need the torque and speed. This is how Intel is presenting their hybrid architecture philosophy. Diving deeper, we have Gracemont-based cores which are presented to have 40% more performance but at 40% power draw as well. This means that despite them being claimed to be low-power cores, Intel’s 12th-gen CPUs could exceed a Haswell system or older clock-for-clock at less power. Intel details Gracemonent extensively in their Architecture Day 2021 presentation.

The Golden Cove P-cores promises to make-up for what Intel has been lacking for the past few generations and is claimed to have an IPC increase of up to 28% than Skylake and 19% over last-gen’s backported Cypress Cove.