Huntkey SMD 407 AC with USB Power Strip Review

We take a short break from the high-end hardware action and take a look at a couple of accessories for mobile, specifically for charging. In this review we take a quick look at the Huntkey SMD 407 power strip which features two AC outlets and two built-in USB outlets. The Huntkey SMD 407 aims to complement any household with its variety of colors making it a stand-out accessory to any room. Read on!



  • Wall power station
  • 2 smart USB ports(total:5V/2.1A or 5v/2.4A)
  • Multicolor
  • MAX 15A 125V 60HZ
  • Convenience (when  charging your phone you can put it on SMD407)


  • With 2 USB ports, output is 5V/2.1A for  two ports
  • MAX 15A 125V 60HZ
  • 2 outlets
  • Packing: Blister packing with card
  • Compliant with ETL and US standards

Product page

Closer Look

Huntkey ships the SMD 407 in blister packaging with a clear view of the product in the front. Printed in the front are the possible uses and supported products of the SMD 407. The Huntkey SMD 407 comes in various colors as shown here where we have the pink and green variants. Highlighted in the front is the large 2.1A distinction of the SMD 407 which means it can deliver full 2.1 amperes of combined current which means fast-charging for devices plugged into it.

The Huntkey SMD 407 is a single assembly power strip and our samples comes with America standard plug. The front panel is fully colored with the rest of the body molded in white. A small stalk protrudes from the lower part of the backside of the Huntkey SMD 407 which is aimed to rest the outlet flat against the wall when used in a wall socket.

User Experience & Conclusion

Huntkey SMD 407 AC with USB Power Strip Review
Huntkey SMD 407 AC with USB Power Strip Review

Setting up the Huntkey SMD 407 is pretty much a no-brainer: its the literal definition of Plug-and-Play. Just pop it in an outlet and you’re good. The Huntkey SMD 407 will take in compatible plugs, in our case America standard, and a pair USB devices. Do note that some devices may not support charging straight from a different source so be sure to check with your device first. In our testing though, most our gadgets (iPhone 5, LG G3, NVIDIA Tegra Note 7, Xiaomi MiPower 16000mAh, Evoluzn FX PR1, etc.) have all charged rapidly with the SMD 407 making it a very handy replacement charger if you can carry around something its size in your bag.

The Huntkey SMD 407 is a very useful accessory if you have a lot of mobile devices at home. With a total of 4 output lines, you can convert a single wall socket into a power station with a single product. The USB ports on the SMD 407 are quite powerful, charging a 3300 mAh LG G3 to 50% in around 20 minutes. If you’re looking for a versatile charging station for your room or household, the Huntkey SMD 407 is a great choice.

Huntkey backs the SMD 407 power strip with a 1-year warranty. We give it our B2G Recommend Award.