This is our first venture into the entry-level Z87 board market and it is quite obvious that a lot of the of deciding factor on the 8-series boards is the integrated features rather than outright performance itself. With Intel slowly integrating more and more devices in their processors, motherboard makers are now on a more competitive market to make their boards stand-out by out-featuring each other. In the case of the entry-level boards, many will bank on their tested feature-set and let the upper-end of the product stack market for them. The GIGABYTE Z87-D3HP though manages to bring the company’s Ultra Durable 5+ components as well as premium build to this entry-level board and not compromise on what customers expect from GIGABYTE. That said, let’s break down our scores.

Performance. Its really hard to call on the performance of the Z87 platforms now that we have plenty to compare with but seeing as the results are merely hairline between each other in most of the tests, we’ve certainly achieved what could be considered the average benchmark on what to expect from the new platform from Intel. For the GIGABYTE GA-Z87-D3HP, we see performance rivaling that of its more specialized brother and occasionally best it in some tests. Although it may not OC as far as the orange kind, its performance goes past average and we score it accordingly.

Build Quality. Mad props to GIGABYTE for not skimping on this board and slapping that blue PCB on this one. The hefty board weight and overall feel is just what you’d expect from a UD5+ motherboard.

Functionality. Regardless of its positioning in the product stack, the GIGABYTE Z87-D3HP comes out strong so its applications can range from daily use PC to an entry-level gaming rig.

Bundle. Nothing special comes with the package except for the standard inclusions in a motherboard package (I/O shield, SATA, installation disc). Average.

Value. We’re having a hard time with this board as local pricing seems to be way higher than that of average e-tailer pricing. Due to that, we’re a bit torn but as we tailor our reviews for the local APAC region, moreso for our Philippine audience we abide by the local pricing. That said, the board retails for around ₱6,900 which is the average for entry-level boards featuring Intel’s high-end chipset (in this case, Z87.) With our previous review of the BIOSTAR Hi-Fi Z87X 3D showing us manufacturers can price their boards lower, big name brands still put a premium on their feature set. As for the GIGABYTE Z87-D3HP, value comes in the form of the premium build, Dual-BIOS, and hopefully a QC procedure that won’t land you a defective board off the shelves so that’s peace of mind. All in all, the board still sits as the lowest priced Z87 ATX motherboard right now and if you need the multi-card support this is the definitely the lowest you can go in the Z87 line.

At the end of the day, all it boils down to for a decent system is if it will support the needs of the user. In the case of the GIGABYTE Z87-D3HP it can handle the latest-generation processors from Intel, support Crossfire for dual AMD card setups all that served up in the GIGABYTE’s quality build. Its pretty much the little details that make this board worth the ₱6,900 asking price. Perhaps a tough call specially for those considering the H87 or B85 options but the main point of choosing as Z87 platform is scalability. You can start-off with a low-budget build with the GIGABYTE Z87-D3HP as your starting point and from there grow your Z87 build, building up your rig until you can decide what you need in the board itself.

So in closing, the GIGABYTE GA-Z87-D3HP is a great starting point for anyone looking to step into the 4th-generation Intel Core platform. It has everything a fresh build needs and won’t cost an arm and a leg like other Z87 boards. Heck it even costs less than that other company who tends to sell cheaper.

If you are looking to build an 8-series desktop and just want the bare essentials but don’t want to compromise on quality nor needed features, GIGABYTE’s Z87-D3HP is the best option out right now if you are in a tight-budget.

We give the GIGABYTE Z87-D3HP our Recommended and Best Value Award. The GIGABYTE Z87-D3HP is backed by a 3-year warranty.