As Intel integrates more and more technology onto its processors, motherboard manufacturers turn the most basic components usually left for these companies to improve upon: audio, LAN or storage. As high-end desktops are mostly valued for their entertainment capabilities, audio is a highly-coveted feature and many brands make it a point to brandish some form of high-end audio to please the particularly demanding desktop enthusiast market. For today’s review, we’ll be checking out BIOSTAR’s top-end offering which packs some mean audio gear. BIOSTAR is well known for its sweet pricing, and their top Z87 board is no exception. Will this $150 offer much more than its mainstream competitors? Read on.

BIOSTAR has been in the motherboard business for a long time and have had great success in the budget segment  of the market. Living off these market segment does have it downside and that’s trying to break out of that shell. In recent times, BIOSTAR has been re-establishing itself as a mainstream brand by creating their HI-FI line of motherboards. This series from BIOSTAR offers a more refined audio experience than those found on similarly-priced competition. With the Z87 line serving as the 3rd installation in the Hi-Fi series, we’re eager to see how much BIOSTAR has matured this series and what it brings to the table.