What Should You Do Before To Sell An Acer Laptop? -

What Should You Do Before To Sell An Acer Laptop?

Before you sell your Acer laptop, there are a few important things to do to your used laptop. One of them is to securely wipe all your information on your hard drive. As we use laptops every day for work, study and entertainment, laptops contain many personal information that you might want to keep away from other people. Also, you want to make sure that your device is running properly and in good condition before you sell it to get the most money possible. We share some of our tips to prepare your laptop before it ends up on eBay or any trusted reseller.  Here’s what you need to do.

Know Your Hardware

This is an obvious thing, but it can happen that over time, you forgot the exact model along with its configurations such as storage size, memory, CPU and GPU. Plus, Acer laptops have several models and they use three types of nomenclature to identify the model number, which can lead easily to confusion. Hence, knowing your exact model and specs, not only will help you, but to accurately estimate its value but to download the right drivers or replace parts for your device

Overall, the model number usually is located at the bottom of your laptop on a label with a combination of numbers and letters. If the label was ripped off for whatever reason, you can still find the model number when you reboot or turn on the Acer laptop and press F2 to enter BIOS. As well, the original box, in which the laptop was shipped, contained the model number and specs information on the label.

Before To Sell Acer Laptop: Prepare it

Follow these steps to successfully get your device ready for resale.

  • Backup your files: you should backup your data on a regular basis even if you are not considering selling your Acer laptop. If you have skipped this step for whatever the reason, create one right away. You can back up your files using an external hard drive with enough size storage. Also, you can use Cloud services to store all your personal information such as documents, pictures, videos and other, using Dropbox or Google Drive. You can enjoy the free subscription but you’ll have limited memory to use. However, you can add a paid plan whenever it is necessary.
  • Deauthorize any software: before going through the Acer laptop trade in, deactivate all the programs and applications you have installed on your device and try to transfer licenses to your new laptop.
  • Sign-out all your accounts: For example, from your personal email, apps and Windows services to prevent the next user to access them. Also, don’t forget to log-off from your Google Chrome account and extensions.
  • Wipe Up: once you have done the steps above, it’s time to delete all your files and documents. You can use Windows 10 features to remove and reset your data from your laptop.
  • Restore To Factory settings: will ensure that all your information is completely wiped and it will return like the original settings as you first buy it. Don’t forget to re-install Windows to make it run again, as no laptop can run without an operating system.
  • Clean Your Acer Laptop: is an important step like the other ones. Everyone wants to purchase a proper device, even if it’s used. A well clean pre owned laptop can help you to optimize its external condition and make a good impression on the buyer. We suggest you use a soft lint to clean all the external surface. Also, avoid using liquids for cleaning, this can damage your laptop screen.
  • Include Accessories: if you have your charger and cable, certainly can give you extra value to your final price. Try to include them when you sell it.

Where To Sell A Preowned Acer Laptop?

You have two main categories to sell your used Acer laptop. Either you sell it yourself on eBay or you used a reseller that takes charge from valuation, inspection and even shipping fees. Both methods are good but you need to be aware that there are differences between them. Selling your device on your own needs you work on creating an account, listing, describing, arranging meetings and paying fees and shipping. Indeed, you need to deal with all the selling process own your own, if you have the time for it, perhaps this is a good option for you, whereas, using a survive like a trusted reseller or trade-in programs, you just need to give information about your device, including specs and external condition, in order to get a quote. Most companies send you a free shipping label to send your goods, and pays you after the inspection of your goods.

Moreover, each company has its own conditions. We recommend you to check the type of payment offered for your used Acer laptop. You’ll find payment in cash via PayPal or store credit via a gift card to use it when needed.

Find The Right Place To Sell Your Acer laptop

Once you know what type of payment you want to accept, either gift card or cash, it’s time to find a good place yet safe to sell your goods. Below, we have selected two options, for you to compare which one works best for your needs.

The Most Convenient And Quickest Service

Gadget Salvation

It’s an online platform that helps users to purchase and sell their preowned gadgets such as laptops, smartphones and other, and pays in cash via PayPal, Zelle, Bank Transfer or Check. Its service is designed to ease the selling process without worrying about shipping or returns.

To sell Acer laptop or any other gadget, you’ll need to find your model along with the specs on this online catalogue and provide information about your device condition. Then, you’ll get an estimation, accept it and a prepaid UPS label will be sent to your email.  After the inspection of your goods, they set your payment within 48 hours from the reception of your items.

Here we have found some great deals on its website, depending on the model and specs:

Great To Purchase Any Product From The Retailer


The company has an online trade-in program for used electronics like smartphones, game consoles, TV and more, and gives you in exchange an Amazon gift card. If you feel you’ll soon purchase any product from this big retailer, then the gift card option might be a good option. Check on its online catalogue if your device is eligible for reselling. If yes, then just complete the information they ask such as model, brand, specs and device condition. After doing this, you’ll get a quote for your used device and accept it to receive your shipping kit. Overall, all the process can take up to two weeks in order to receive your electronic gift card.


Selling your used Acer Laptop is not that difficult and can turn out to be a profitable venture if you successfully prepare your laptop and find a good place to resell it. We hope these tips and recommendations help you to maximize the value of your preowned Acer laptop.