What Makes the Medieval Games so Popular?

The history of games is said to date back to thousands of years ago. However, one can’t know precisely when the first game was created or played. Gladiator games, board games, sports games, etc. have all been in existence; some lost in the past, and others modernized.

The classes, genres, and platforms of games have upgraded with an increase in technology, amongst many other factors. The knack to experience worlds and civilizations far back in history or into a perceived future has birthed several games. Including console games, virtual reality games, role-playing games, board games, card games or other online casino games, among others, and themes that have kept gamers worldwide spellbound.

A great game today will be judged on continuous gameplay, excellent graphics, a great storyline, complexity of roles, and interaction with its world, etc. You may ask, so what is the recipe for a great game? If we’re to answer in a few words, it is defined as a medieval storyline, horses, mythical creatures, Blood, body armor, helmets, shields, and a full bouquet of deadly weapons. And there you have it: an engaging game that will keep you in front of your screen for hours on end.

What makes medieval games so popular?

The popularity of medieval games comes from the history of the medieval era itself. The Medieval period (or Middle Ages) lasted between the 5th and 15th century and is said to have had knights, exceptional warriors, wars, coups, assassinations, conspiracies, mysteries, mystical orders and cults that were bound by oath to either protect or destroy, tales of legends and a host of other things that differentiate the life we live now, and the life humanity used to know.

Characters like King Arthur, Joan of Arc, Merlin, and others have graced the screens for both gaming and movie experiences. Stories, relics, pictures, and artifacts from this era, have spawned a lot of curiosity from the old and young alike; Books have been written from lost scrolls, reenactments, costumes, etc. been seen in recent times.

Mythical creatures

These stories are brought back to life and sprinkled with mythical creatures and magic that leave nothing to fantasy but bring giant creatures, living golems, mages, potions, magical relics, and some out-of-this-world scenarios to life. There you have it, a whole new world where you don’t just see or hear about it. Still, you get to partake in conquests, fights, and the sharing of loot, bounties, and hidden treasures from wars, invasions, coups, assassinations, and a lot of campaigns. Fantasy is the key feature of this class of games: an infusion of experiences of a fallen world coupled with imaginations out of the box. There are medieval games on every platform that exists, from legacy games on Nintendo NES to the latest consoles like Microsoft Xbox One. Handheld devices and PCs are not left behind in this wave.

Spotlight in the gaming world

For a long time, medieval games have stolen the spotlight in the gaming world, with game titles coming out tops on the charts on several gaming platforms. Medieval games are not just on platforms as a storyline, but even not-so-conventional games like the popular slot games have medieval themes.

One astounding reason that makes medieval games so accessible is that it has a title in almost every gaming genre. The multiversity of the storyline and the relics and artifacts gotten from the medieval era has created a bedrock for a lot of games to build upon. In gaming, we are yet to see any perfect match to contend with the vast and never-ending storytelling of medieval games.

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