US Senators Urge EU-like Standard Charging Port

USB-C may see itself becoming the industry standard for charging cables US senators are seeking to set a standard for charging cables. In a letter addressed to US Department of Commerce secretary Gina Raimondo, senators Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are citing the European Commission findings relating to annual e-waste to push forth the discussion to set a charging standard.

The letter primarily highlights the EU’s mandate for all electronic devices to utilize the USB Type-C interface as the primary standard by 2024 for all electronic devices. Manufacturers are given 24 months for the law to take full effect on smaller devices while laptops will have a longer window as power delivery standard currently do not meet the requirements for gaming systems that consume more watts than what PD can provide.

Many are singling out Apple to face the brunt of these new legislation but its yet to be seen how the standard will apply to in-house technologies like Xiaomi’s 120W charging or other similar technologies. While this is an ideal standard, discussions have yet to occur over in the US for this while the EU’s 2-year grace period means any manufacturer may release their in-house ports up until a certain period in time before the EU Type-C Standardization goes to effect.