The Complexity of Mythic Dungeons in World of Warcraft -

The Complexity of Mythic Dungeons in World of Warcraft

Dungeons are one of the best things in World of Warcraft. Not only are they more challenging than quests, but they also provide another path for character improvement other than the tedious ways such as farming.

They say the best things don’t come to you for free, which is also true for dungeons. You will have to face creatures and NPCs with significantly improved attributes and abilities. In some cases, these improvements reach a point when dungeons are nearly impossible to beat alone.

However, they both differ in terms of complexity, since raids are very challenging and time-intensive, and you need to be at a very high level to join one. You can already start dealing with dungeons at an earlier stage.

Additionally, unlike raids, dungeons do not highly require a highly elaborate team composition. It is only important that a team must consist of the three important elements: the tank, the healers, and damage dealers to tenderize the enemy.

Dungeons have lots of things in store. They provide an opportunity for players to acquire high rarity items, and their difficulty is directly proportional to the rarity of the rewards you will receive

As a reward for completing dungeons, you will receive rare, uncommon, and epic items, regardless of their difficulty. However, the chances of acquiring epic items are higher for heroic dungeons compared to normal ones.

Mythic and Mythic+ Dungeons

Dungeon difficulty does not stop with Heroic dungeons, and this is where the Mythic dungeons come in. Compared to Heroic dungeons, the Mythic dungeons are more challenging as enemies have significantly higher stats, to begin with.

Together with rare items, completion of a mythic dungeon will also reward you with keystones, which will grant you access to the Mythic+ dungeons. Mythic+ dungeons are similar to mythic dungeons, but they operate based on modified mechanics.

The Mythic+ dungeons must be cleared and completed at a given amount of time, which is usually around 30 to 40 minutes, and enemies in Mythic+ are stronger and harder to defeat.

You also have to take note of affixes. Affixes give you an idea on how the dungeon is going to play out, and they add a lot of challenge to a dungeon. A level 2 keystone, for example, may have the “Fortified” affix, which will give enemies 20% more health and 30% more damage.

As your keystone’s level increases, more affixes will be added. For example, a level 4 keystone may give you the Raging affix where enemies can deal 100% more damage once their health goes less than 30%.

In case that a Raging affix is active, stuns are highly effective in slowing down enraged enemies. The team must also be coordinated to overpower one or two enemies at a time since damages at this point can be very dangerous.

There are other affixes that a level 4 keystone may hold. For example, it can give you the Bolstering affix. For each slain enemy, this affix will increase the health and damage of nearby enemies by 20%. Pulling off trash mobs far away from one another can mitigate its effect.

Level 7 affixes are also even more daunting as some of its affixes are focused on reducing the effectiveness of healers and tanks. The Skittish affix makes tanks less effective, and the Necrotic affix reduces the amount of healing that a player receives for each melee attack received.

Even more daunting, the Level 7 keystone may also come with the Grievous affix, which will inflict increasing damage to players whenever their health goes below 90%.

In the case of a Skittish affix, having priority targets and coordination between the tank and DPS is essential. Hunters can also help mitigate the effects of the Skittish affix by using a misdirection spell, combined with a rogue’s Tricks of the Trade spell.

Because the Mythic+ dungeons add an extra challenge to the mythic dungeons, they also guarantee better rewards and items have higher ilvl. The rewards will get better and better the further you progress in Mythic+. So Mythic plus boost would be a great choice to complete this challenge.


If you want to keep track of your progress in raids and mythic dungeons, you can check out, which is a popular tool that lets you see your character and guild profile in a single dashboard.
Another great tool you can use is Mythic Dungeon Tools. You can also access it here, and it has lots of features. It helps you plan ahead by giving you the location of all dungeons and the position of all NPCs and their paths. It also allows you to sketch plans and collaborate with your team.