Sony PlayStation 5 Showcase On Sept. 16 -

Sony PlayStation 5 Showcase On Sept. 16

Sony has just announced the official broadcast date of the Playstation 5 showcase. Published thru Twitter, Sony will be broadcasting the event at Sept. 16, 2020 at 1PM PDT ( Sept. 17 4AM Manila). This coincides mere hours from NVIDIA’s lifting of their RTX 3080 Founders Edition embargo and should mark a good opening day for both companies, as Playstation showcases its launch titles while NVIDIA shows off the performance promise of its new products which may see the new PS5 games make their on to PC eventually with Sony planning to bolster multi-platform releases following the success of Horizon Zero Dawn.

This year is an important year for gaming with PC seeing multiple releases from NVIDIA, Intel and AMD will be following soon. AMD customer Sony and Microsoft will also showcase their newest consoles soon. Each platform has an edge over the others with PCs offering the superior technological and performance advantage over consoles while Sony and Microsoft have an advantage in terms of consistent and accessibility. Whichever platform you choose, games themselves are becoming much more diverse and it is the games themselves that is making it much easier for players to their play. The most readily accessible platform is ultimately the smartphone and with its rich array of applications and games, it’s become the de facto platform king when it comes to market presence.

In the US, the Xbox may rule and while in Japan its a Playstation market, content itself is diversifying the market. Japan has developed a large gacha market with games like Granblue Fantasy, Fate Grand Order and a whole lot of others. Smartphones have also opened up the world of online gambling to the Japanese market. With smartphones offering such easy use, it jives right in with the busy Japanese city lifestyle. There’s plenty of internet casinos that can be played on a smartphone (スマホでプレイ可能なネットカジノ) and they offer much of the advantages of gambling by smartphone: portability and easy access.

Going back, games have helped us through this pandemic and it is nice to see companies like Sony and everyone else pushing the next level to help everyone make it through this difficult time. People’s mental health are benefiting very much from games but with most economies still not operating to the same conditions, it is taking its toll on many folks and gaming may not just be to keep themselves together. During these times, we advise everyone to reach out or seek professional help. We will make it through COVID19.