Say Goodbye To The Dancing Zombie


We all love Plants VS Zombies, right? On top of that, we all love the backup dancer-summoning, faux-moonwalking Dancing Zombie, right? His resemblance to a certain pop icon is certainly the reason this particularly enemy is endearing, isn’t it? Well, spend as much time as you can defending your lawn from him.

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing much of him in future version of Popcap’s wildly popular undead-busting, tower defense game/agriculture simulator. According to a report from GamesRadar, the estate of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson has objected to the appearance (whether tribute or parody) of the Dancing Zombie. Sad, really, because he was one of the more interesting foes you could face in PvZ. You had to be a little more clever to take him out and his minions who look like they’ve been summoned straight out of the ’80s.