ROG Falchion with ROG NX Switch Launching Soon -

ROG Falchion with ROG NX Switch Launching Soon

Released late last year, the ROG Falchion is ASUS’ gaming brand’ first stab into the 65% mechanical keyboard market, and it serveS as a bridge for ROG purists to step into other mechanical keyboard form factor as well as some bits and pieces of the mechanical keyboard enthusiast lifestyle.

The original Falchion came with Cherry MX switches but in late 2021, ROG will be releasing the wireless keyboard with their self-branded ROG NX switches. The overall feature set will remain the same including the battery indicator as well as touch bar on the left bumper.

The ROG Falchion NX is expected to become available by late September. Availability will vary by region. It is unsure if ROG will phase-out the Cherry MX variant afterwards.