ROG Collaborates with Instant Noodle Brand: ROG x TTL -

ROG Collaborates with Instant Noodle Brand: ROG x TTL

ASUS Republic of Gamers Taiwan is partnering up with Taiwan TTL, a tobacco and liquor company who also makes instant noodles. The collaboration is dubbed ROG x TTL and will feature ROG’s CG anime characters, prominently used in their marketing  videos. According to the poor Google Translation of a 4Gamers report, the collaboration is intended to revitalize gamers and bring them back to life in 3 minutes. This is in reference of course to instant noodles being ready to eat in just 3 minutes.

UPDATE 06/18/2021: This is now confirmed to be a collaboration between Taiwan TTL and the ROG Laptop team. The instant noodles will have a coupon code for a raffle draw to win an ASUS ROG laptop. I am trying to bug my local rep to get us a box of this for “review.”

The deal will mostly be a packaging collaboration with TTL’s instant noodles products receiving the branding treatment from ROG and while the product relevance may seem disconnected, a lot of gamers will know and understand the intention. Instant noodles or instant ramen has been a staple food for gamers especially for Asian regions but it has a global following as well.ROG Collaborates with Instant Noodle Brand: ROG x TTL -

Despite the amount of noodles I consume during Computex in Taiwan, I am definitely biased to Nissin brand and will not pretend to know which flavor is what character but just know that ROG’s CG characters’ Se7en, Horsem4n and Akira will be featured in the varying flavors.

On ROG’s end, digital goods will apparently be present as well as an entry to win an ASUS ROG laptop by the end of the promo.

A special bulk box will be available for the ROG x TTL collaboration as seen below. The promotion will be limited to Taiwan and will run until the end of July.

ROG Collaborates with Instant Noodle Brand: ROG x TTL -