Resident Evil Retribution Producer Eyes Monster Hunter Movie

Yes you read it right folks. According to Adriasang Paul W.S. Anderson, the producer of the Resident Evil movie franchise is currently “planning” on creating a big screen spinoff of the hit game, Monster Hunter.

For the fans of the series, we all know that MH (as we fans call it) has no story whatsoever. So personally speaking, it’ll be interesting to see HOW Anderson will do the big screen adaptation of the game since, fans of the RE games hated Anderson’s big screen “adaptation” of the game that someone even made a facebook page of hating the movies (which didn’t get any traction lol) not surprisingly some even hated Mila Jovovich’s, character Alice.

So what about MH then? Currently there has been no word from Capcom on even making a big screen adaptation of the series. And of course, when Hollywood says “planning” there’s a  VERY BIG chance that it wouldn’t push through.

So what are your thoughts about it?