Report: NVIDIA Readying RTX 2060 12GB Edition for 2022 -

Report: NVIDIA Readying RTX 2060 12GB Edition for 2022


Internal sources have told VideoCardz that NVIDIA is reportedly planning to resurrect their RTX 2060 graphics that would see the card receive a modern memory bump in the form of a 12GB GDDR6 upgrade, doubling the origjnal 6GB of GDDR6 video memory. As the card is based on an older TSMC 12nm node. The revised card hopes to weather gamers out during the global semiconductor shortage and allow them to fill the sub-RTX 3060 void that’s currently being filled by extortionately priced GTX 16-series cards.

With the RTX 2060 being positioned as one one the top 5 graphics card currently in use according to Steam Hardware survey, its going to be easy to drive NVIDIA”s bottom line while maintaining their asking price for the Ampere RTX 30 cards.

The revised RTX 2060 is claimed to be available by year-end and will be available to partners soon, with a potential re-release by January 2022.

Things that could affect the card pricing is TSMC’s increased asking price for their older nodes, with rates going upwards of up to 20%. Conflicting stories from other sources also report that NVIDIA is planning to release their RTX 30 SUPER lineup in January of 2022.