Report: ASUS to Ramp Up Gaming Monitor Shipment in 2021 -

Report: ASUS to Ramp Up Gaming Monitor Shipment in 2021

A DigitTimes report states that ASUS is looking to increase gaming monitor shipments in 2021 to 3 million monitors versus two million it shipped in 2020. This is despite the global chip shortage and other issues that may plague demands for monitors. ASUS is confident that stay-at-home activities will continue to grow and ASUS’ ROG monitors as well their ProArt, ZenScreen and Webcam monitor lines will still find their to consumers.

Vice President Chiu Yao Hui cites that this growth has helped ASUS to target 7-million monitor shipments in 2021 up from 6.2-million, a good portion of which comprises of high-end gaming monitors.

Tempering expectations though, Chiu noted that shipments would remain flat up to Q2 2021 but will see a rise by 200% for the gaming segment and 50% for traditional displays on Q1 2021.

As gaming monitor competition heats up, ASUS is looking to cement itself in the high-end gaming desktop space while carving its professional and traditional displays as well. Competition for this segment has increased with MSI and Lenovo looking to take some cut of the market as well as high-end gaming rivals Samsung and Acer Predator.