PSA: Physical Fallout 4 PC Disc Does Not Include the Whole Game

With only a few weeks before the release of Bethesda’s continuation of the post- apocalyptic open-worlf RPG, Fallout 4, Pete Hines, current Vice-President of Public Relation and Marketing of Bethesda, has tweeted that the physical disc PC versions of the game does NOT contain the full game, instead, players will be obliged to download the remaining files necessary to play/run the game come November 10, 2015


A few more tweets about the details state that the reasons for splitting the content was due to Piracy and that the PC only uses DVD, while both the XBOX One and PS4 use Blu-Rays, which can store higher storage amounts. Pete Hines also mentioned that this was the way it was even 10+ years before on their games and felt that this is a non-issue as there were still tons of people who bought Skyrim, etc.

I have reached out to local store “Datablitz” regarding how much content is in the disc, their representative said that only 4.5GB of data (as most DVDs can only cover 4.5-4.7GB worth of storage) will be inside the disc while the rest will be downloaded via Steam, which would land around 25.5GBs worth of files if we are to follow Steam’s listing:


While it is important to combat piracy, I do believe that they should just learn from what Rockstar did to GTA V and split it into multiple DVDs as some people in the country cannot even download that much data the way the American market does.

What do you think of this news? Regardless, if you plan on picking up the PC version of the game, get your caps fresh as Fallout 4 releases worldwide on November 10, 2015.

See you in the nuclear wasteland!