How to Maximize Your 12.12 Shopping Budget for Your Gaming PC Upgrades with PayMaya + our Top Picks -

How to Maximize Your 12.12 Shopping Budget for Your Gaming PC Upgrades with PayMaya + our Top Picks

The year end calendar is nearly done but the shopping spree is not yet over with the 12.12 shopping holiday in the air. On December 12, online stores will slash prices as well as offer special promotions for people to save up and get a chance to buy gifts for their loved ones as well as themselves for the Christmas holiday. For our readers, we know you guys love to save up on your gear amongst other things and here’s a surefire way to maximize your budget this coming 12.12. We’ll list down some of our top picks for this sale special on tech including graphics cards, SSDs and other items as well.

Shopping Made Easy

We know a lot of you guys are still relying on physical stores for parts especially with many of them offering prices that are very competitive, but with the rise of online shopping, even our top brand partners have embraced the concept and are offering their products conveniently through their digital store front. For most users in Manila, a trip to Gilmore can be their solution but with the holiday traffic as well as the potential for lack of availability for the product you want, it’s really not worth taking the risk anymore. Online stores have made it convenient to check out prices as well as stocks beforehand and with delivery options, makes shopping online so much more convenient.

How to Maximize Your 12.12 Shopping Budget for Your Gaming PC Upgrades with PayMaya + our Top Picks -

What’s more convenient is that you can pay your for your purchases beforehand removing the need to make sure you have enough or you won’t spend your money before the courier arrives. PayMaya is a payment solution that gives anyone a virtual card that they can use with their purchase so everything is taken care of right off the check out page. It eliminates the need for a credit card – which not a lot of customers are able to access due the the countless requirements, along with the aversion to incurring debt.

What’s more is that PayMaya is offering up to 100% cashback on your purchases, up to Php500, as well as other promos. This allows you the chance to save more than what you’re already getting on top of the your on-sale purchase. Instead of paying for your items via COD, go for the payment option that gives you more convenience and rewards. Don’t pay cash. PayMaya!

Top Choices

Most of you guys reach out to us during sale season and we’ve narrowed down this list for the most asked items during these times. We’re going to give you our top choice with links for Lazada and give you some detailed information on our recommendation as well as your options. Let’s get to it!

Top Graphics Card Pick

First lets talk graphics cards. This is perhaps the most readily available upgrade that should easily show a performance difference. We’ll take a look at the options for 1080p as an RTX 2070 or above, any would do as long as it fits your requirements: case size, aesthetics, etc.

So moving, ahead, we’ll proceed with our graphics cards picks courtesy of the NVIDIA Store in Lazada.

If you’re running on an IGP for the longest time or are just not satisfied with your APU system, a GPU upgrade may be in order for entry-level 1080p or lower gaming. For this entry-level suggestion, its a game of how fast and how much you have. At 12.12, NVIDIA GeForce’s Lazada Store will have the GALAX GTX 1650 for sale of Php5686 from its regular Php9310. This should run out fast so you better get ready if you want this saving.

The GTX 1050 Ti has long held its position as a favorite amongst new and budget builders alike and it has stood the test of time. We’ve chosen the Palit GTX 1050 Ti Storm X as it is one of the most approachable price in the market right now. At 12. 12, NVIDIA Geforce Store (powered by PCX) will slash the normal Php7150, to Php6,721. If you’ve never had a graphics card or just need that year-end treat to boost your PC, this is definitely it.

For mid-range upgraders, we highly recommend the GTX 1660 SUPER vs the 1660 Ti. If you don’t have access to a physical store that sells this for less, or the travel easily offsets the savings you can get by visiting a store and finding out there’s no stock then this is a good choice. Its actually an open battle between a couple of models, but we recommend the dual fan models from ZOTAC. This deal isn’t that good on face value but if you can score Lazada’s 1212 voucher plus use PayMaya codes. You’ll get a healthy saving from this.  Price drops from Php14963 to Php14635.

Top SSD Pick

Easily the quickest drop-in upgrade that you can get for your PC be it desktop or laptop (provided it supports 2.5″ drives) these options aren’t really that remarkable but price-to-capacity suggests its decent option especially for those people that don’t have an SSD. Now your mileage may vary on how vital an SSD is to you but an SSD+HDD combo shouldn’t hurt anyone. Now we normally only recommend 500GB and above capacity SSDs but 480GB should be around that range so its decent. The Kingston A400 is a Phison S11-controlled SSD using TLC NAND hence the cost. These drives run a little short on write-endurance but at 160TB for the 480GB, that’s plenty decent  if you don’t plan on

Both these SSDs are from official Kingston stores so you’ll be covered by a warranty for your purchase.

For those looking for an M.2 upgrade, we’re still on the lookout for a good deal. On-sale though is this M.2 SSD, dropping to Php1895 from Php1999, its not a big savings, but if you can add more with your vouchers and Paymaya cashbacks, you’re good.

Top Memory Pick

Another quick upgrade. We have two options for upgraders. First up is for people who currently have a single stick and want capacity. We’ll assume you’re on DDR4, so while your upgrade may be mandated by your current stick, most 4GB users or less will be happy with another stick upgrade, ignoring dual-channel altogether. For dual-channel options, we also have another Teamgroup kit.

Other Hot Deals

PlayStation 4 1TB Bundle with GTA V – PHP12,990 –
Xiaomi Mi 8 (2018 Flaghsip) 6/64GB – PHP9,990 –
COOCAA 50 inch 4K Smart LED – PHP8,495 –
GALAX GTX 1650 EX OC 4GB – PHP5,586 –
Samsung Galaxy A50 – PHP7,995 –
Kingston A400 480GB SSD – Php 2,495 –
Transcend Micro SD 128gb – PHP825 –
Team Elite GX1 120GB SSD – PHP837 –
Kingston 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive – PHP780 –
ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Tri-band Router – PHP23640 – ROG Lazada Store

And there you have it. We still have time before 12.12 so if you feel like you still need a few questions answered, leave us a comment on what you need and we can tailor a specific product for you. You can also share your sale recommendation and we’ll include if it’s a hot item.

Don’t forget to add shopping money to your PayMaya account this 12.12.  Check out to see all the new promos to stack on your current sale purchase including the 1% all the way to 100% cashback of up to Php500 when you use your PayMaya virtual or physical card for your purchases. You can also get a one-time cashback of Php150 for your Php5,000 accumulated purchase as well as a 30% cashback on Lazada when you redeem the PayMaya voucher at the Lazada app.

Going back to our choice list, we’ve highlighted local official stores so you get the best support and prices this 12.12. Check out our article about why you should buy local, officially authorized products for your peace of mind and convenience as well as faster shipping.

Always remember, for your holiday shopping, don’t pay cash. PayMaya!

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Happy shopping!