ASUS x GUNDAM Official Philippine Pricing and Lineup

This has been a project a long time in the making but it has now finally landed in local soil. We’ve reported in the middle of last year and then got another leak at the start of the fourth quarter of 2020 but ASUS has officially launched their ASUS x Gundam collaboration release this year in partnership with Sotsu Sunrise, the animation arm of BANDAI; the owner of the Gundam franchise.

We did a rundown of all the currently available parts, with the exception of some of the GPUs. You can watch my rundown vlog video here:

In the video, I talk about some details not normally detailed in some of the marketing of these products and as very big fan of the Gundam franchise, I am very happy to share some thoughts.

Released earlier in certain regions, February 25 marks the Philippines official launch of the ASUS x Gundam partnership dubbed Gundam Attack.

The ASUS x Gundam collaboration release will feature full redecos of existing ASUS TUF GAMING and ROG products. There are no new products here and all of the collaboration models will be available as standard ASUS, TUF GAMING or ROG/ROG STRIX products.

That being said, ASUS decided to split their lineup into the iconic factions from the original Gundam series: the heroic Amuro’s Ray’s titular RX-78-2 Gundam and the charismatic Char Aznable’s Zaku II. The RX-78-2’s color scheme of white, blue, yellow and red will adorn a majority of ROG products while Char’s red scheme will be donned by the Zeonic TUF GAMING lineup.

Product Lineup Models

The ASUS TUF GAMING lineup will consist of the following products that will be released in the Philippines:

  • TUF Gaming GT301 ZAKU II Edition
  • TUF Gaming LC 240 RGB ZAKU II Edition
  • TUF Gaming B550-M ZAKU II Edition
  • TUF Gaming GeForce GTX 1660 Super™ ZAKU II Edition
  • TUF Gaming VG27AQGL1A ZAKU II Edition
  • RT-AX86U ZAKU II Edition
  • ROG T-Shirt ZAKU II Edition

Similar to Gundam model kits and their animation counterpart, the products will represent Zeon and Char featuring custom decals and prints on the packaging as well as the product itself and will have a predominantly dark red theme. Fans of Char’s salmon pink color will be disappointed there’s not a lot of that here.

Moving over the the Federation’s side, the RX-78-2 featuring the color scheme of all lead Gundams in the franchise. The White, blue, red and yellow will dress the ROG lineup below:

  • ROG Strix Helios GUNDAM Edition
  • Z490 (Wi-Fi) Motherboard GUNDAM Edition
  • ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3080 GUNDAM Edition
  • ROG StrixLC 360 RGB GUNDAM Edition
  • ROG Strix 850W GUNDAM Edition
  • ROG Strix XG279Q-G GUNDAM Edition
  • RT-AX82U GUNDAM Edition
  • ROG Delta GUNDAM Edition
  • ROG Strix Scope TKL GUNDAM Edition
  • ROG Strix Impact II GUNDAM Edition
  • ROG Sheath GUNDAM Edition
  • ROG T-Shirt GUNDAM Edition
  • ROG Stainless Steel Tumbler GUNDAM Edition

As Gundam fans usually lean towards being collectors, ASUS will be having a special promotion for set buyers of the ASUS x Gundam products. RX-78-2 set buyers. More information are on the official ASUS x Gundam promotion page here.

Set rewards will include a Bandai Master Grade Sazabi ver. Ka or the Perfect Grade Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam.

ASUS x Gundam Philippine Price

Gundam Series:

Model Name


Z490-GUNDAM (WI-FI)  ₱     12,990.00
ROG STRIX GeForce RTX™ 3080 GUNDAM Edition  ₱     76,500.00
ROG STRIX LC 360 RGB GUNDAM Edition  ₱     13,990.00
ROG STRIX 850W GUNDAM Edition  ₱     11,599.00
ROG STRIX HELIOS GUNDAM Edition  ₱     18,580.00
ROG STRIX XG279Q-G GUNDAM Edition  ₱     42,990.00
ROG STRIX SCOPE TKL GUNDAM Edition  ₱       7,270.00
ROG STRIX IMPACT II GUNDAM Edition  ₱       2,490.00
ROG SHEATH GUNDAM Edition  ₱          990.00
ROG DELTA GUNDAM Edition  ₱       9,560.00
RT-AX82U GUNDAM Edition  ₱     14,360.00
ROG T-Shirt GUNDAM Edition  ₱       2,000.00

Zaku II Series:

Model Name


TUF GAMING B550M (WI-FI) Edition  ₱     10,590.00
TUF GAMING LC 240 RGB ZAKU II Edition  ₱       7,590.00
TUF GAMING X3 GeForce® GTX 1660 SUPER™ ZAKU II Edition  ₱     17,500.00
TUF GAMING GT301 ZAKU II Edition  ₱       5,740.00
TUF GAMING VG27AQGL1A ZAKU II Edition  ₱     29,990.00
RT-AX86U ZAKU II Edition  ₱     16,990.00
ROG T-Shirt ZAKU II Edition  ₱       2,000.00

The ASUS x Gundam lineup models are available in authorized ASUS dealers and ASUS/ROG concept stores and online outlets nationwide. Check with your local dealers for price and availability.