Promising Android/iOS Indie Games of ESGS 2015

ESGS 2015 was a hell of a blast and we had the privilege to check out a lot of different indie games being exhibited by a group of friends or by a small co-working developers that has a studio of their own.

There were about 30 indie games exhibited and some are already available on Google Play or iOS App Store. Out of 30 indie games we have tried and tested, a few are worth mentioning and are promising if fully developed. So for us at Back2Gaming, here are a few indie games that we like and hopefully get well developed overtime.

Hue Hue Blaster


This game has been exhibited since ESGS 2014 but hasn’t receive much love it deserves. This is definitely an addictive game that incorporates education as you play which is great for kids!

The gameplay of this game is quite simple. All you have to do is hit those falling smiling face with the corresponding color. So if a smiling face has a yellow block outside, you have to hit it with a yellow ray and it gets tougher the longer you play by adding mix of colors like green, orange, and violet.

The hostile aliens have come from the dark abyss on a mad siege! Don’t let them crush your ship! Get ready for hours of color mixing and laser blasting fun in the action arcade and defense game, Hue Hue Blaster! Attack the aliens before they reach your ship by using your special colored lasers! Enjoy several different modes, each providing it’s own unique experience! – Skillshot Labs


Android – 13 MB

iOS – 19.2 MB


Cross Swords Magic Spells


We have another game from Skillshot Labs and it’s called “Cross Swords Magic Spells”, it’s an educational and addictive at the same time. If you have been addicted to games like texttwist and the likes of it back in the old days, you will definitely love this game as it incorporates adventure like gaming with crossword genre.

The gameplay is quite simple as well, at the start, you have to choose a hero and slash your way through the game but it’s not a simple slice and dice tapping game. You have to generate words from the given letters to be able to defeat your enemies that’s blocking your path to glorious victory and salvation.

Play Cross Swords Magic Spells, an adventure-themed word game. Summon and collect valiant heroes to help defend the land from invading monsters.

Travel with the hero of your choice! Use their special ability to gain an advantage over your enemies! Form words from the monster names and use them to attack! Defeat as many monsters as you can within a limited amount of time and earn more coins and gems to summon more heroes! What are you waiting for? Gather your heroes and save the land! – Skillshot Labs


Android – 32 MB

iOS – 61 MB

Cognitio Terra

“This isn’t your typical math game”
Cognitio Terra is an Action Pack Educational Game coming to your PC and mobile devices! – Disaster Squad

Cognitio Terra is an educational game that focuses on math. Oh no math… Don’t let that irrk get into you as this is one addictive game developed by a small group of friends called “Disaster Squad”. This game is currently not available as it is still going under development but to what I have seen, this game is very promising especially for kids! Fusing a slash and dice game with math, who would have thought that it’ll work.

What we like about this game is its real time fighting sequence where you have to slash your enemies down to be able to clear a stage but for you to be able to hit your enemies and make some damage, you need to answer the given math equations as fast as possible before your enemies hit you. The graphics is great too as and we love the Adventure Time like design.

Sorry but I’m a Adventure Time fan. Where’s Finn? Where… is… Finn? Is he in the kitchen?… Okay enough of that, on to the next game.

Legends of Fire & Steel

Legends of Fire & Steel is an innovative turn-based single and multiplayer fantasy world conquest game we are currently developing for PC, Mac, and mobile tablets. – BoomZap

Another game that’s currently not available as of the moment as it is still under development by BoomZap. It’s a big game to be honest with a medieval fantasy skirmish like game. It’s actually quite a typical game where you conquer lands and try to dominate the lands and defeat your foes in this turn-based multiplayer setup. You are given a selection of heroes and you must do your best to win via defeating all or having the most point.

If you like a turn based strategy game with a mix of medieval age and fantasy then you will definitely love this game.