NVIDIA Publishes Image Comparison & Analysis Tool (ICAT)

Through NVIDIA’s development of DLSS, we’ve found the best way to evaluate image quality is by comparing videos – it really shows off the true experience of what gamers experience. But video image quality analysis is time consuming and tedious. So we built an Image Comparison & Analysis Tool that we call ICAT, to make life easier for our testers and engineers. Our teams found the tool so useful that we’ve decided to make it available to everyone, making accurate and fast assessments of image quality between multiple images or videos far, far easier.

NVIDIA ICAT allows users to easily compare up to 4 screenshots or videos with sliders, side-by-sides, and pixel peeping zoom-ins. Align comparisons spatially and temporally, examine the differences, and draw your conclusions. To compare different scaling technologies, we encourage you to first use ICAT to find the most comparable image quality modes, and then look at the performance gains. Note that just because two quality modes are named the same, doesn’t mean they are equivalent. While this varies by game and resolution, we’ve found that DLSS Performance mode is best compared to the Ultra Quality mode of spatial upscalers. We call this approach “ISO-Quality”, as performance is compared at equivalent image quality levels. The NVIDIA ICAT program is now available to download from the link below.

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