MNL48 X Tokyo Girls Collection -

MNL48 X Tokyo Girls Collection

MNL48 just got their first gig.

Hallohallo Inc. (HHI) will soon open the pioneer in fashion events in Japan, Tokyo Girls Collection Shop or “TGC Shop” inside one of the biggest commercial complex facilities in Quezon City, Vertis North Mall, operated by Ayala Malls with the theme “bringing Japan’s real clothes to the world”.

MNL48 X Tokyo Girls Collection -

The opening of the TGC Shop here in the Philippines will be done under the second wave of collaborative projects between HHI and the joint-venture company between Mitsubishi Corp, and Ayala Land of the Ayala Group, in partnership with Japan’s leader in fashion trends, Tokyo Girls Collection.

The TGC Shop, will lead Japan’s fashion market in the Philippines and will carry apparel, accessories, wigs, hair extensions and other products inspired by the “kawaii” culture famous among Japanese teenagers and young adults in their 20s.

The TGC shop will also hold regular events attracting kawaii-related idols and models in Japan, as well as fashion shows and other events using its built-in runway inside the shop, with the help from Japanese models and the upcoming idol group MNL48 managed by Hallohallo Entertainment, the entertainment arm of HHI.

HHI is also engaged in the production of a Japan Town at a vast space measuring approximately 4,230 sqm inside Vertis North Mall.

Given the demands of the Internet culture nowadays, HHI expects massive demand from the younger generation who are fashion conscious by live streaming the event stage in partnership with the live video streaming platform SHOWROOM, as well as selling items and other products from brands associated with idols and models through live commerce.

On the press briefing held last December 13th at Tokyo, Japan, HHI’s President and CEO Yasunari Okada provided explanations regarding the business, and also held a talk session together with W Tokyo’s President and CEO Noriyoshi Murakami, and SHOWROOM’s President and CEO Yuji Maeda.

What this all means for MNL48 is they now have several projects on the pipeline, ready to go live just in time for their debut. There is the complex in Glorietta which is the first project of HHI and the joint-venture between Mitsubishi Corp, and Ayala Land of the Ayala Group. Then, they would also have projects with ABS-CBN under their partnership. Now this, which is also backed by SHOWROOM (or AKB48’s favorite streaming service) which means it will be streamed to audiences not only from the Philippines, but also from other countries especially Japan.

Then there’s the MNL48 Theater, currently being built in Centris Mall beside the new Movie Stars Cafe. I’m really looking forward to seeing the girls perform there.

We really don’t know how things will work out in the future. But I take comfort in the fact that the girls won’t be idle when they start. I just hope more and more things come their way too.

MNL48 X Tokyo Girls Collection -