PLDT Rolling Out Speed Boosts for Fibr Subscribers

PLDT is sending out texts to Home Fibr subscribers offering a free speed boost for their Home Fibr account. The text message links to a portal where the subscriber can input their landline number for verification and receive the speed boost. As of this moment, I have yet to activate my account’s speed boost as I am receiving a message that we’re not covered by the speed boost facility yet.

PLDT Rolling Out Speed Boosts for Fibr Subscribers -

The initial text can be seen above with the link going to the verification portal.

PLDT Rolling Out Speed Boosts for Fibr Subscribers -

The full URL once access is here:

PLDT Rolling Out Speed Boosts for Fibr Subscribers -

As of this moment, it seems I am eligible for the update but my area facilities is still being upgraded. No indication of redemption date as well as how much speed is gained.

Redditors on r/Philippines have reported receiving similar texts and successfully activating their speed boosts with PLDT Home Fibr Plan 1899 25Mbps boosting to 30Mbps and PLDT Home Fibr Plan 2899 50Mbps will be 100Mbps.

Early reports we received as of late August have also suggested the same numbers as detailed below:

  • Home Fibr Plan 6299 from 250Mbps to 350Mbps (TBD)
  • Home Fibr Plan 2899 from 50Mbps to 100Mbps (TBD)
  • Home Fibr Plan 1899 from 25Mbps to 30Mbps
  • Home Fibr Plan 1299 from 5Mbps to 10Mbps

We’ll update this article once we receive our update or other news.

You can read up more about PLDT Home Fibr in our review here.

This puts them in closer contention with Converge’s service which rights now peaks at 500Mbps for their FiberXtreme Plan 7000. Converge still offers a more competitive Plan 1500 for 25Mbps. Converge does not bundle a landline service with their fiber subscription.

You can check out Converge plans here. Apply to Converge via

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