Overwatch Competitive Play Launches Today

Overwatch’s Competitive Play mode finally makes its public debut after its initial test stages last week. Before that, Competitive Play made its beta available for the Asia server where it was initially reported that this mode will reward players by offering golden weapon variants and a couple of other exclusive rewards which have now been fully detailed in a blog post from the Overwatch team here or find more information at owboost website.

Basically, Competitive Play mode puts players that want a more challenging experience to compete against other serious players and this mode locks them in serious combat. A player must initially play placement matches to gauge his initial skill level and then matched against similarly-skilled players. From then on its pretty much the same as quick play but with a few changes to the match format and interface.

Competitive Play will be held in seasons each lasting 2.5 months with the Summer season already underway. Each season start will require placement matching.

One of the things to note here is the stricter rules of conduct that Competitive Play expects from players. Blizzard will penalize players who go AFK or leave ongoing matches. Players who get disconnected will have the option to reconnect but failure to do so will result in an infraction.

A full, detailed description of the Competitive Play mode is highlighted in the Overwatch blog.