NVIDIA Teases "Super" Announcement -

NVIDIA Teases “Super” Announcement

Days before COMPUTEX 2019 and NVIDIA has dropped another teaser for an announcement. The green team has just posted a video with the word “super” and the Youtube video title “Something super is coming…”

While there’s not a lot to go from the video, those familiar with the video styling will put it akin to the video packages for new graphics card reveal. The word “super” is engraved onto a metallic object which similar to the GTX and RTX styling found on Founder’s Edition and reference products. This could mean that NVIDIA may be announcing a new enhanced graphics cards or a “Super” line of GPUs.

There’s really no clue or hint whatsoever and it no prior industry speculation to go on and with the current gen of graphics card already complete, that leaves the possibility of a line of cards to be this announcement.

Watch the video below: