NVIDIA RTX and DLSS Coming to Arm Platform

During GDC, NVIDIA hinted at its direction for PC gaming following their acquisition of ARM or Arm. While the acquisition is still undergoing regulatory approval, NVIDIA is confident the deal will push through despite Arm’s home country being against the deal. Regardless, the direction for both company seems to be synchronous with NVIDIA already releasing Arm-powered systems for their solutions port folio. On the hand though, NVIDIA has just published an update regarding RTX and DLSS being made available to Arm platforms thru the blog.

NVIDIA shared a demo of RTX raytracing and DLSS running on an MediaTek Arm processor, this is a glimpse of Arm’s potential as lightweight and viable platform for gaming and serves to build upon companies who are veering away from x86 namely Apple with their M1 chip or the Qualcomm Compute platforms.

This short demos serves to bring to the forefront of development that in a world where the GPU is essentially more powerful than the CPU, the x86 platform currently ruled by Intel and AMD could essentially start being rivalled by more the more efficient Arm platform.

NVIDIA’s RTX SDK for Linux now lists DLSS, RTX direct illumination, RTX global illumination, AI-accelerated denoising, and the RTX Memory Utility, a memory-management optimization for raytraced apps as part of its development tool set.