MSI Enters High-End Wi-FI Router Market with RadiX AXE6600

MSI has been adding bits and pieces to their larger port folio of products with SSDs, AIO liquid coolers and power supplies being some of the more recent additions but looks like MSI will be joining the networking business with their social media teasing a new product out of CES 2022.

MSI posted on Twitter an image of their RadiX AXE6600 router. Not much is revealed but as the name implies, it could be a tri-band router with a combined 6600Mbps bandwidth on its wireless bands. The router is said to sport a Qualcomm SoC and will support up to the new 6Ghz standard.

The design will feature a “gaming” aesthetic, very reminiscent of their gaming laptop line. As the tweet implies, the router has RGB lighting and that goes all the way to the antennas which have RGB highlights to them as well. Tom’s Hardware had some hands-on time with the router and states that the MSI Dragon logo is also a button that controls AI QoS presets.

Nothing else is revealed but the product could land in the next few months.