Mighty No. 9 Open for Publishing with Capcom - Inafune -

Mighty No. 9 Open for Publishing with Capcom – Inafune


“I would hear their terms. If they had the best terms, I would go with Capcom.”

That is what Mighty No. 9 project lead and Megaman creator Keiji Inafune stated in a recent interview with Game Informer when asked regarding his position IF Capcom wants to publish Mighty No. 9. He goes on to state the following:

“There is no reason not to publish with Capcom, and I certainly don’t feel like there’s a reason that I have to publish with Capcom. Literally it would be a very cut-and-dried business negotiation. If they had the best terms, the logical businessman in me would say, “Yes, let’s go with them.

Which brings a curious question of how would Comcept and Inafune respond if Capcom wanted to re-skin Mighty No. 9 as a Megaman game, asked Game Informer, to which Inafune responds:

“If Capcom came up with really great terms to make it a Mega Man game, then of course I would listen and that would be an option. But the base of this game is that we wanted to create something original. If they gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse, that would mean having to change the main character into Mega Man. On top of that, it would still have to be our IP, which is what we want. I can’t foresee that happening. We really want this to be our thing.”

Back2Gaming says: There’s no definite evidence that Capcom wants anything to do with Mighty No. 9 and the interview is purely on a theoretical scenario. Still, we can’t rule out its possibility given that Inafune himself seems to have a set guidelines if Capcom wants the above-mentioned arrangement for the crowdsourced title.

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