Korean Netizens Criticize AMD Philippines' for Rising Sun Flag Usage -

Korean Netizens Criticize AMD Philippines’ for Rising Sun Flag Usage

In a (what now seems to be deleted) post, AMD Philippines shared a Blackpink inspired mod by local modder Edwin de Catalina. The custom PC is inspired by the latest album release of the South Korean girl group which has taken the world by storm.

The AMD Philippines official Facebook page playfully captions the post with Blackpink references but South Korean netizens weren’t so amused. While already deleted, South Koreans are still demanding an answer from AMD.

Korean Netizens Criticize AMD Philippines' for Rising Sun Flag Usage -

The Blackpink build features a heavily prominent Japanese Rising Sun flag, a symbol of imperial Japan’s war crimes for many South Koreans and its usage is heavily frowned upon. The flag can be seen in the mod. Some have argued that this was a 3rd-party to AMD and was just shared but many responded that AMD Philippines had enough time to review their action and is thus an official action by the company.

South Korean netizens are still demanding AMD thru AMD South Korea’s Facebook page to issue a statement regarding the matter. The Philippines was also under Japanese rule for a time in its history.

AMD is still currently riding a high as it enjoys its most successful year yet and is expecting to increase further in market shares with the announcement of their new Ryzen processors and Radeon Big Navi graphics cards.