Intel Reveals Character Artwork for GPU Lineup Names -

Intel Reveals Character Artwork for GPU Lineup Names

Releasing Q1 2022, Intel Arc GPUs will be a new contender on the GPU market and will feature the debut of Intel’s Xe-HPG architecture. Featuring XeSS, Intel’s own supersampling technology as well as raytracing plus AI acceleration, Intel Arc is already on course for a long battle with GPU giants. Intel is into the gaming aspect of things that their GPU architecture naming is based on familiar RPG archetypes and in alphabetical order, Intel Arc GPUs will be named Alchemist, Battlemage, Celestial and Druid.

In an exclusive interview with HotHardware, Intel is revealing an artwork depicting their Alchemist character which we’ll probably see in a more finished form in future marketing materials.

Intel Reveals Character Artwork for GPU Lineup Names -

As mentioned, Intel is just following the alphabetical naming of their GPU generations with the 2022 release kicking off with the Alchemist. The Intel Arc Alchemist artwork is denoted above in a rough colored sketch but should show some of the details that the company is aiming for once it goes 3D. The character is not a mascot per se like Radeon’s Ruby or or NVIDIA’s Dawn but more like a mascot for the generation character. Intel will most likely create a more detailed 3D model that should showcase the card’s capabilities.

Intel also teased their upcoming GPU architectures and their character namesake with artworks. There are still many question marks about Intel’s discrete gaming graphics debut such as their release cycle, stock situation as well as performance tiering. We’ll find out more once 2022 hits where hopefully its not going to be all about who has stocks because right now, its not looking good for anyone in that department.