Intel Alder Lake Mobile CPU Stack Revealed -

Intel Alder Lake Mobile CPU Stack Revealed

Intel Alder Lake Mobile CPU Stack Revealed -


Intel’s Alder Lake marks the first blue giant’s first hybrid CPU and will feature up to 8 Golden Cove cores and up to 8 Gracemont low-power cores to create a hybrid x86 processor configuration which should present some interest configurations particularly for he mobile space especially with the varying number of LITTLE cores and big cores they can do with this configuration. With the types of cores operating a different power requirements, the table above shows us Intel’s possibly core config strategy for Alder Lake laptops.

We’re looking potentially at 6 segments for Alder Lake mobile starting with tablets with a 5w-7w TDP range all the way up thin and lights of up to 28w power:

  • Alder Lake M(5): 5w – tablets and handheld
  • Alder Lake U(9): 9w – ultrathin notebooks
  • Alder Lake U(15): 15w – mainstream thin & light laptops
  • Alder Lake U(28): 28w – performance thin & light laptops

Moving on to the performance segment we have the Alder Lake H45 and Alder Lake H55 segments with TDP ratings of 35w up to 55w.

  • Alder Lake H(45): 35-45w – thin enthusiast
  • Alder Lake H(55): 45-55w – mobile workstations

Alder Lake M CPUs will have 1 big core and 4 LITTLE cores to work with and will feature an IGP feature a 48EU and 64EU variants. Moving up to Alder Lake U, the configuration will scale from 2 big cores all the way to 4 with LITTLE cores primarily offered in 8 with lower power models sporting less, including the IGP at 80 EUs. The rest of the Alder Lake U offerings have 96EU.

The 45w segments start out at 4 big cores and and top out at 6 with all of them having 8 LITTLE cores and 96EU IGPs. The high end 55W TDP models will have a 8+8 big.LITTLE configuration but only 32EU IGPs. The reason for this is that partners would predominantly be installing GPUs on these models so it frees up more power for the CPUs.
Alder Lake for mobile should come alongside the entire Alder Lake stack announcement later in the year with final products releasing afterwards potentially in different schedules for desktop and mobile.