GIGABYTE Mocks “Made in China” and Shares Drop by $550 Million, Issues Public Apology

GIGABYTE has just published a public apology after making a mocking statement regarding competing company’s choice to go with mainland China-made products. In an already deleted blog post, GIGABYTE’s company blog published a post with part of the statement stating that competitors have “low cost, low-quality way” alluding to “Made in China” products.

Market feedback was swift as GIGABYTE’s stocks plunge as reported by Bloomberg. The statement also caused Chinese ecommerce platforms JD, Suning, etc. to remove all GIGABYTE products from their listings and searches for GIGABYTE or related terms resulted in a zero results from their searches. All of this has caused GIGABYTE to suffer a drop in its total market worth by $550 million.

GIGABYTE has now published an apology. The company is citing that this was inconsistent with GIGABYTE’s views of China-made goods and that GIGABYTE is proud of “Made in China” products.