PUBG Will Remove Paid Loot Boxes 

PUBG’s crate system received on 20 November an update that should please players. PUBG players no longer receive loot boxes that require money to open them.

The system of loot boxes or crates in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be adjusted. From December 18 players no longer receive loot boxes that are locked and can only be opened with a paid key. These locked crates still remain for sale in the marketplace.

Developer PUBG Corp writes that the change will take effect from December 18. This applies to random crates that can be purchased with Battle Points. They then no longer contain crates for which a key to be purchased with real money is required to open it. This means that opening crates that have been ‘purchased’ with BP is always free. Battle Points are points that players can collect by simply playing the game.

Players who still own locked loot boxes or have purchased these crates through the marketplace can still open them with the correct key. Such a key can be purchased through the store or marketplace. The developer says it will also increase the chance of getting a weapon with an attractive design. It also improves the quality of the items in the middle class of crates.

PUBG Corp says it makes these changes after feedback from players. It would appear that people experience little pleasure in opening crates in accordance with the rules of the current system. The value of closed crates would be low and not an interesting reward for players. The developer reports that it has previously implemented patches to reduce the chances of obtaining these closed crates, and has added special items to give them extra value. However, that had too little effect, according to PUBG Corp.

PUBG Will Remove Paid Loot Boxes  -
PUBG Will Remove Paid Loot Boxes  20

New System

The first loot box of the new system will be the Venetian Crate. They will have a higher likelihood to drop mid-tier rarity items than they have in the past, and the top tier skins will be slightly less rare than they used to be. These Venetian Crate loot boxes will come available from 20 November 2019. The weapon skins for Assault Rifles will also become less rare, currently it is the most exclusive skin that you can get from loot boxes. The company PUBG Corp is also improving the graphic quality of the skins in paid loot boxes. 

Like mentioned above the first of these changes to the loot system started on 20 November with the release of the Venetian Crate. On 27 November this crate will join the regular pool of random loot boxes that can be purchased with Battle Points. The chances that you receive a locked loot box is reduced a lot with this update. From 18th of December PUBG will remove locked loot boxes entirely from this pool of loot boxes. 

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