GTA Online Casino is Here

Grand Theft Auto V has met a ton of controversy over its time and while games normally wane in the news after 1 or so years after hitting the shelves, GTA Online has managed to breathe new longevity to the game and another reason for people to get talking, controversial or not. GTA Online players are now welcome to visit the Diamond Casino & Resort in Vinewood where they can use their in-game cash to buy chips and start hitting the tables, slot machines and other casino attractions for a chance to earn more. The game introduces some new missions to spice up the fun as well as a new penthouse suite and some new rides.

Much of the casino has been talked about since the game first launch 2013. Yes, GTA V is already that old. A lot of fan speculations, rumors, and tricks have been went around talking about the casino and how to access it and everything but with the opening sign now removed and the casino now open. Its time to dive into what the casino is all about.

The casino opened last July 23 alongside a good surge of players buying the game, this was a nice new addition for older players and new ones alike.  Why Rockstar held out this long though, they never revealed officially but speculations that the developers wanted to test out a similar feature on Red Dead Redemption 2’s poker feature before they deployed in GTA V.

Casino Games in GTA V

GTA Online Casino is Here -

Once you buy chips you’ll be ready to play in the casino. Attractions include Roullette, Blackjack, and Poker against the house as well as slots and virtual horse racing. There’s also Lucky Wheel where you can play for chips, cash, clothing or a nice, top-of-the-line car if you are really, really lucky. Most of these games are traditional casino games and they play much like their real world counterpart. Its straight up virtual casino much like the most of the online casinos in popping up nowadays which allows you to play a lot of these stuff including online poker, slots or pretty much everything else in the game.

GTA Online Casino is Here -

A collectible deck of cards scattered around San Andreas is also available which unlocks a special outfit as well as a unique card set for your private dealer for Blackjack and Poker.

GTA Online Casino is Here -Standard membership in the casino has its perks but VIP membership hosts a whole lot more including access to personally customizable penthouse suites.

Special missions from the casino owners and you’ll be able to work with the casino head of operations to protect The Diamond from hostile takeover. Plenty of other activities will be available to grant extra GTA$ and chips for use in the casino from the grateful management.

There’s a lot more to do in GTA Online’s casino but as time goes on more will most likely be added but right now there’s plenty to explore inside the new game attraction. Daily objectives will keep players moving.