EVGA Increases Prices Following ASUS -

EVGA Increases Prices Following ASUS

In the last couple of weeks, it has been part of the news that due to the multiple supply shortages as well as the expiration of the US tariff exemptions, prices of PC components have increased. ASUS was the first company to openly and publicly disclose their price hike and they have remained the sole company that have publicly came out with the news.

Today, EVGA follows this move as EVGA is now announcing they are increasing their prices for their GPUs based on an announcement on their website:

Due to ongoing events, EVGA has made price adjustments on the GeForce RTX 30 Series products. This change was necessary due to several factors and will be effective January 11, 2021. EVGA has worked to reduce and minimize these costs as much as possible. For those who are currently in the EVGA.com Notify Queue system or Step-Up Queue, EVGA will honor the original MSRP pricing through April 16th, 2021 if your purchase position is processed before this date.


EVGA prices sees increases of around $70 across the board for the currently released RTX 30 cards. Prices secured through their online queue system will be honored but anyone queued after the announcement will have the new prices applied until April 16th, 2021.