EASY PC Opens Circuit Makati Branch

Easy PC has made a name for themselves as a solutions provider both as a small business supplier as well as in retailer with their aggressive social media marketing. Add this with their in-house brand RAKK which has gained fame for being an accessible option for many gamers in the country and they cemented their legacy as a formidable retailer.

Another sign of this growth is EASY PC’s opening of their latest branch in Circuit Makati. The new branch is located in the 3F main mall, WiredUp department of Circuit Makati.

EASY PC Opens Circuit Makati Branch -

The new branch features a more conceptual style than their previous retail stores. The new branch features a demo area including this ROG-powered mineral oil PC built in partnership with Tito Mhike Samsin of Tantric Modz.

EASY PC Opens Circuit Makati Branch -

A streaming area powered by Easy PC is also in the store. Easy PC’s RAKK brand has been very supportive of the streamer community in the Philippines and these setup allows them showcase a chic and stylish Easy PC build, a statement of sorts which departs from their typical mass market association.

EASY PC Opens Circuit Makati Branch -

The sales area holds a lot of displays from brand partners. One of the other unique design aesthetic of the store is their component wall made up of old motherboards and graphics cards.

Easy PC Circuit Makati officially opened its doors April 30, 2019. Please feel free to visit and browse the shelves and see what you would like.

For store related inquiries, please contact:

Easy PC Circuit Makati

  • 09328470156
  • 09178989244