DDR5 Facing Shortage Just After Launch

Intel’s Z690 chipset and their 12th-gen CPU brought about the first DDR5 platforms to the consumer market but we know first-hand just how hard it is to get DDR5 memory for our launch reviews much more so for our readers eagerly waiting for pricing and availability advise.

Its currently being reported that DDR5 production is being hampered by availability issues for teh parts used in the manufacturing of said modules, primarily the new PMIC on DDR5 modules. PMIC or power management IC controls the input voltage on the DDR5 modules is currently in very short supply.

Source of IC Chip Co has told them that PMICs are very short in supply right now with pricing for the parts now ten times DDR4 with lead times ranging to a minimum of 35 weeks.

DDR5 sees the power management moving from the motherboard to the RAM modules directly. This is just one of the newer features of DDR5 aside from the higher bandwidth as well as a form of ECC .