Converge 35Mbps for Php99 Upgrade for Plan 1500 Subscribers is Back

Converge ICT previously rolled out a +10Mbps upgrade for existing Plan 1500 (25Mbps) subscribers for a limited time and now they are bringing it back for new subs dubbed the 1500Plus promo.

If you are currently on a Converge Plan 1500 (25Mbps), visit to increase your bandwidth from 25Mbps to 35Mbps for only an additional Php99 on your bill.

Again, the plan is available for Plan 1500 subscribers and is not offered for Plan 2500 or higher. The upgrade does not stack meaning you cannot add another Php99 for another 10Mbps. The charge will be reflected on your next billing. The speed boost will take effect within 24 to 48 hours. Our experience with the previous upgrade was nearly instantaneous (FYI, results may vary.)

UPDATE: Promo runs until DECEMBER 31, 2019 ONLY.

Regarding lock-in, your lock-in period will not be renewed or extended by availing of this promotion. Users who wish to go back to the flat Plan 1500 can do so anytime with a Php1,000 processing fee. Applicants for the upgrade must have good payment standing and will be subject for review.

Again to avail of the Converge 1500Plus, visit

For more info, visit Converge 1500Plus FAQ site: