ASUS X570 Motherboard Lineup Detailed - ASUS X570 Motherboard

ASUS X570 Motherboard Lineup Detailed

Together with AMD’s announcement of the new 3rd-generation Ryzen processors, partners are also announcing the accompanying motherboards for new processors. ASUS held a motherboard seminar for its new products including the X570 boards. The new boards will support the 7nm Ryzen CPUs and will be backward-compatible with older-gen Ryzen chips under the AM4 socket


The new ROG Crosshair VIII Formula features motherboard armor with LED lighting featuring a brand new design while the Crosshair VIII Hero offers a less extravagant but capable option. Also making its debut is the Crosshair VIII Impact, a mini-DTX board that offers high-end performance.

Completing the ROG X570 line up are the X570-E Gaming, X570-F Gaming, and a Mini-ITX Strix X570-I Gaming.

X570 TUF Motherboards

As part of the growing TUF ecosystem with matching, TUF themed gaming memory, coolers, PSUs and chassis, ASUS expands their lineup with new TUF X570 motherboards. The new X570 TUF Gaming motherboards feature the line’s distinctive build quality paired with essential gaming features.

The TUF Gaming X570-Plus looks like the simplified versions of ASUS’ Prime models but with TUF’s signature military aesthetic. One of the key features of the TUF Gaming X570-PLUS is the Digital VRM with Dr. MOS power stages and TUF chokes that provides the next-gen Ryzen 3000 series processors, clean power delivery. There’s also a wifi equipped variant of the TUF X570-PLUS dubbed the TUF Gaming X570-Wifi.

ASUS Prime Motherboards

ASUS X570 Motherboard Lineup Detailed - ASUS X570 Motherboard


AMD’s latest Ryzen processors provide an appealing option for heavy-duty CPU intensive workloads as a value alternative for HEDT products. The Pro WS X570-ACE connects the Ryzen’s promising compute performance and server-grade features such as PCIe 4.0 connectivity, ECC RAM and management features without breaking the bank.

ASUS X570 Motherboard Lineup Detailed - ASUS X570 Motherboard


Bringing balance to scale of functionality and aesthetics in ASUS’ X570 lineup is its prime X570-PRO motherboard. It has a unique subdued aesthetic that has a universal appeal and it ticks all the important checkboxes in terms of features.ASUS X570 Motherboard Lineup Detailed - ASUS X570 Motherboard