Chinese DOTA 2 Servers to Start Beta on April 28 -

Chinese DOTA 2 Servers to Start Beta on April 28

Five months ago, Perfect World Co., Ltd was announced to be Valve’s partner in bringing DOTA 2 to China. And on April 28, China will be able to beta test their newly acquired Chinese servers.  This was announced by the Perfect World CEO Robert Hong Xiao. This step is very significant for DOTA 2 in introducing the game to a bigger audience as it welcomes the Chinese into its existing playerbase.

Because of several details prior to the announcement, there have been a lot of speculation about the Chinese servers being separated not only from Steam, but also from the rest of the world. After all, there have been certain lag and technical issues with regards to the current servers that the Chinese are using. With how the recent G-1 League Asian Qualifiers turned out, it’s safe to say that we’d like to see more of the epic matches not only between Chinese teams but also against SEA teams. However, an update released by GosuGamers gives us a better insight on this matter:

Gosugamers has received information that Perfect World’s new client will not be separated from Steam. Instead, the new client will be a smaller version of Steam and made mostly for Dota 2. It was reported that this is due to Steam’s slow updates in China. Our sources told us that Chinese players will most likely be able to connect to the South East Asian server to participate in tournaments.

The introduction of these new servers will hopefully give the Chinese playerbase a more stable platform for the game. Can we expect an increase in DOTA 2 teams as well as DOTA 2 tournaments in China? China is known for its impressive DOTA 2 professional teams. The Chinese team Invictus Gaming was the champion of The International 2012, dethroning the previous champions, Natus Vincere from Ukraine. And since WC3 DotA is still big in China to date, it would be interesting to see how and if the Chinese players significantly transition to DOTA 2 after these servers start entering beta. Less lag, more gaming!

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